TWE Show 2019: All things Elixir, Part 1/2

Elixir brands [website], include:

  • Elements of Islay
  • Port Askaig
  • Single Malts of Scotland [SMoS]
  • Black Tot rum


In the main, rum works best before whisky. So:

Black Tot [2019] Elixir 46.2% tFRP4.5/5

Black Tot British Royal Navy Rum ‘Last Consignment_ 54.3%
The Last Consignment

An affordable Black Tot creation for those who were unable or unwilling to stretch to £650 [now like £1500+], for the Last Consignment [WLP88 – pic], or goodness knows how much for the 40yo [coming up].

  • C: The Guyanese/Demerara influence in this blend speaks volumes. With no expectations, overall this is very tasty/drinkable rum.

Scores 82 points


Black Tot 40yo [1975/2017] Elixir [606 bts] 44.4% tFRP3/5 [RR]8.4[22]

tFRP says: ‘July 31st 2017 represents the 47th anniversary of Black Tot Day which was 31st July 1970.  This was the final day a rum “ration” or tot was given to sailors. With this in mind the Black Tot 40 Year Old is being released on the 31st July 2017Unlike the original Black Tot release which was released in 2011 this is not a rum which was available to the Royal British Navy’.

Colour: a combo of claret and soy sauce.

Black Tot 40yo [1975:2017] Elixir [606 bts] 44.4%.jpeg

  • N: At first, this 100% Demerara Rum from Guyana simply comes across as rum-laced molasses. With patience, further descriptors talk of cinnamon-seasoned ripe prunes & dates in syrup, baked figs, sultanas and leathery slivers of courgette & carrot cake wrapped inside an oaky pastry pie. Coming across as the nicest smelling syrup money could buy, let’s see what surprises this Tot has for the palate.
  • T: Boy is that odd, like an oxidised tincture – say a mix of sour berries, olive leaf > echinacea and a drop or two of valerian root. It moves from bitter-to-sour oaky berries and the juice of.
  • F: Tannic blackberry and < blackcurrants make for a puckering short & dry finish. With just a hint more cinnamon and demerara sugar, we’ve berry juice & oak to the death!
  • C: No idea how to score this rather academic experience. If pushed, something around 80 perhaps?


Miltonduff 1999:2019 20yo SMoS bourbon cask #5014 [236 bts] 52.2%.jpg

Miltonduff 1999/2019 20yo SMoS bourbon cask #5014 [236 bts] 52.2% WB0

  • C: Sharp, cheesy and butyric with a gacky finish. With respect – in a colossal festival environment such as TWE Show – this is a spittoon job without hesitation.

Scores 78 points


Clynelish 1995/2019 23yo SMoS cask #10201 [231 bts] 56.2% WB89.20[12] WF86

Clynelish 1995:2019 23yo SMoS cask #10201 [231 bts] 56.2%.jpeg

  • N: The nose is centred around a mineral-y soil, stoney & meaty-base profile.
  • T: Light meatiness and a little waxiness but with a broad body to chew on. I can’t quite grab the particulars but find this very tasty overall.
  • F: A touch of congealed oil but it’s slight and easily manageable.
  • C: I’d have liked a little more time with this one.

Scores 86 points


Ben Nevis 1996/2019 22yo SMoS sherry butt #2019 [580 bts] 55.3% WB89.79[18]

Ben Nevis 1996:2019 22yo SMoS sherry butt #2019 [580 bts] 55.3%.jpeg

  • N: What the deuce? Cheesy [yellow & orange fruity] feet! No doubt some palates are more susceptible to lactose action than others, and in any case, Ben Nevis certainly divides people.
  • T: More cheese from a pokey spirit that’s most likely sat for most of those 22 years in inactive oak.
  • F: Firm echoes.
  • C: This lactose-y offering didn’t go down so well with some malt mates, but it’s no bad whisky. You just may have to like twangy Wotsits.

Scores 85 points


Ardbeg 7yo [2019] Elements of Islay Ar11 56.8% WB90.17[12] WF89

Single cask Ardbeg from a 1st fill PX butt.

Ardbeg 7yo [2019] Elements of Islay Ar11 56.8%.jpeg

  • N: A distillate-led malt that’s heavily ashen and with fruity metals [not metallic fruits].
  • T: Biscuit-y fruity pear and smoky-sweet olive oil stored in stainless steel tanks is all I wrote. Oh, that and E-THA-NOL!
  • F: Everything aptly resonates with distillate aftershocks thereafter on a long briny finish and a particular Ardbeggian vegetal quality that makes it stand out from other Islay distilleries. Otherwise the briny ashiness is similar.
  • C: I wouldn’t have minded if this Ardbeg wasn’t amazing, but it is super whisky.

Scores 89 points


It’s official. Julie tells me a man from Mull said “,…. it’s lay-chick”. I then forget to try the Ledaig. Doh!


Click HERE for Part 2.




TWE Show 2019

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