About whiskylovingpianist

In the late 1980’s my drink of choice was Cinzano and Babycham – but never together.

MG_7687_2In 2000 I was virtually teetotal, but numerous gigs aboard cruise ships coupled with an inquisitive nature, oh and a free, unlimited bar tab changed all that.
A cruise around the Channel Islands took me to Oban and my first distillery tour but it was the duty-free market that opened my eyes [and palate ultimately] to the ‘Whisky Fun’.

Several years later I declared myself fairly serious about whisky when it was apparent that my kitchen cupboards had become completely full – with bottles of whisky. I was becoming a [malt] maniac.

My first trip to Islay in 2013 sealed the deal, i had caught full-blown ‘Malt Madness’!

A view of ‘The Paps’ at Finlaggan

Over the past few years i have shared hundred’s of my tasting notes at whiskybase.com but many of you have been kind enough to encourage me to start sharing my thoughts and observations in more depth, further afield. Many of you simply wandered what on earth i write in those notebooks. Wander no more!

Benromach tasting ME alone