TWE Show 2019: All Things Elixir, part 2/2

[Following on from Part 1]

I’m told the Elixir’s Jazz Trail moniker covers the more ‘jazzy’ spirits that the SMoS moniker does not. Namely blends, grains and the like. I’m also told Whisky Trail Vol. 4 may be teaspooned malt, possibly with another single malt.

Whisky Trail Vol. 4 Blended 1980/2019 38yo Elixir cask #0035 [445 bts] 46.7% WB90.37[41] WF89 WN91

Whisky Trail Vol. 4 Blended 1980:2019 38yo Elixir cask #0035 [445 bts] 46.7%.jpeg

I’m trying this for Whiskybase member pippo g, who is now called Fudschafudscha [a beer-cap onomatopoeia perhaps?].

  • N: With some fine ageing behind it, the profile begins with a fruity minerality. I also picked out hints of sherry-matured grain spirit with a touch of ash, thought it’s more likely char.
  • T: Fruity ashy oaky spirit, sugary < barley sweet.
  • F: Clean yet a little saline and [for me at least], more grain-like notes.
  • C: Overall more simple than the nose would suggest, but it’s really good all the same.

Scores 88 points


Let’s go even further back in time with a 100% grain.

Invergordon 1974/2019 44yo Elixir Whisky Trail Vol. 2 hogshead #0038 [188 bts] 47.6% WB88.40[7] WF86 WN89

Invergordon 1974:2019 44yo Elixir Whisky Trail Vol. 2 hogshead #0038 [188 bts] 47.6%.jpeg

  • N: A fruity old grain. What’s not to like? Particulars include ginger cake, yeasty wheat beer, Smarties, ham, crystallised honey, plasticine,….
  • T: Descriptors talk of all the usual fruity old grain suspects. Despite all those [44+] years, the spirit remains robust.
  • F: Light vanilla grain.
  • C: Quite direct and simple but no doubt a treat for longstanding grain fans.

Scores 86 points


Imperial 1997/2019 21yo Elixir Whisky Trail cask #2471 [169 bts] 49.6% WB88[6] WFx

Imperial 1997:2019 21yo Elixir Whisky Trail cask #2471 [169 bts] 49.6%.jpegI’m not sure why this Imperial is part of the Whisky Trail series whilst other Imperial’s are not. It matter’s not.

  • N: A light-sweet biscuit, cake mix beast.
  • T: Solid confident prickly sour-sweet sustaining arrival.
  • F: Fades beautifully on cream vanilla.
  • C: Yet another very fine Imperial.

Scores 87 points


Imperial 1994/2019 24yo SMoS cask #5869 [178 bts] 43.8% WB91[9]

Imperial 1994:2019 24yo cask #5869 [178 bts] 43.8%.jpegAnother Imperial, this one falling back under the SMoS banner.

  • N: Light soapy, chalky and detergent-y notes, but for once, in a good way.
  • T: Somewhat sour with putty barley.
  • F: Slick briny savoury sour fruit rinds.
  • C: It’s a tough gig when surrounded by so many high flyers. A very good malt, if slightly underwhelming after so many excellent Imperial’s of late.

Scores 85 points


Bunnahabhain 1990/2019 28yo SMoS hogshead #7727 [252 bts] 44.3% WB89.20[7]Bunnahabhain 1990:2019 28yo SMoS hogshead #7727 [252 bts] 44.3%.jpeg

  • N: Despite 28 hogged-up years, the whisky it’s incredibly light in colour. Unsurprisingly then, its distillate-led.
  • T: Raisin-y throughout with a silky-grainy barley blanket.
  • F: Same till the close.
  • C: A fine one for the ‘barley shelf’.

Scores 87 points


Bunnahabhain 1988/2019 31yo Elixir SMoS Director’s Special [195 bts] 42.5% WB91.40[5]

I say hello to Luca Gargano [WLP], who happens to be standing beside me. He’s spotted all of Elixir’s just-out releases.

Bunnahabhain 31yo SMoS Director’s Special 42.5%.jpeg

  • N: Picking good Bunna can be a bit of a lottery, but this one is just lovely. In fact, I can’t remember having many bad ones at this age. With a little more cask action than the 1990 vintage, this is fruitier with green fruits, a touch of sweet melon and lemon.
  • T: Like the previous 28yo, this is also distillate-led. Additionally it’s a touch farmy which compliments Bunna so well [as does a touch more consolidated sherry maturation than is usually found]. Luscious dry mouthful on the turn.
  • F: Barley-led lemon peel held in a firm-yet-gentle oaky grip.
  • C: Very fine, if not overly complex. With thanks to Julie.

Scores 90 points






TWE Show 2019

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