2 by 2: Miltonduff & Pulteney

All I know of Miltonduff, I recently posted here. Otherwise, here are some links for further reading:

Miltonduff distillery

As with so many distilleries, credit goes to the independent bottlers who source & present single malt expressions of whisky that would otherwise go straight into blends.


Miltonduff 10yo [2018] GM Discovery 43%.jpg

Miltonduff 10yo [2018] GM Discovery 43% WB83.43[25]

  • N: Seemingly bourbon-y & sherried with a little rubber.
  • T: Bourbon-y sherry again, and with slight medicinal fruits, it appears a touch Cognac-y.
  • F: More rubber, which whilst not being a problem here anyway, gradually subsides. For afters, it’s sherried pancakes.
  • C: A fun one.

Scores 83 points


Miltonduff 28yo [2017] TBWC Batch 3 [Btl #34/149] 46.1% [50cl] WB90[1] WF80

Miltonduff 28yo [2018] TBWC Batch 3 [Btl #34:149] 46.1% [50cl].jpg

  • N: All those extra years bring some bung-cloth depth, yet the underlying spirity barley essence is not lost at all. Descriptors talk of straw-dry raisin-y malt, hessian grain sacks, savoury-sweet citrus-laced cardboard-y honeyed oats, a touch of tube-balloon solution and comfrey tea leaves. 
  • T: Sharpish straw-barley that becomes more astringent before giving way to savoury-sweet honeyed malt with bitter lemon & dry grapefruit [pith], rosehip tea, and a mash-like putty. Add water and the earthy/chalky field mushrooms spring up whilst the whole experience consolidates rather well too, not that it’s the easiest ride.
  • F: Pretty much lifts off after the palate is done, save for some lingering sprites that speak of faint aniseed-y, earthy/chalky putty tannins. Significant echoes ensue.
  • C: Those extra 18 years bring a fair bit more to the party, but there’s a significant trade-off. With thanks to Mr D. Worthington.

Scores 85 points




I wrote much about the Pulteney distillery last April 2018 [blog]. Of note:  The correct name of the distillery is Pulteney Distillery, while the correct name of its product is Old Pulteney.

Distillery entrance

Old Pulteney 15yo [2018] Ob. 46% WB85[8] WF85

Old Pulteney 15yo [2018] Ob. 46%.jpg

  • N: Notes of nutty hessian.
  • T: I find it a bit tannic with an undecided mouthfeel.
  • F: Grassy, fruity vanilla with a coastal touch.
  • C: A very decent core range expression, sitting rather neatly in-between the 12yo and the sadly discontinued 17yo.

Scores 85 points


Old Pulteney 18yo [2018] Ob. 46% WB86.20[7] WF89

Old Pulteney 18yo [2018] Ob. 46%.jpg

  • N: Peanut satay and grassy hessian.
  • T: This is even more on the money than the 15yo, being fuller with a more focused & purposeful direction.
  • F: Decent wrap-up.
  • C: Solid. Well up there with the discontinued 17yo, though the two are totally different beasts and [grrr], with wildly different price-points also.

Scores 88 points






Barnacle geese at Loch Gruinard, Islay



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