Tuesday isn’t just for Tomatin

Including four from Tomatin, we start with Tamdhu, Tamnavulin & Teaninich.


Tamdhu 1988:2018 20yo HL First Editions cask #15369 [265 bts] 55.8%

Tamdhu 1988/2018 20yo HL First Editions cask #15369 [265 bts] 55.8% WB0

  • N: We’ve a raisin-y, malty cereal number.
  • T: Add water for the savoury-sweet barley juice to run.
  • F: [no notes]
  • C: Pleasing if [possibly], a little predictable/tiring.

Scores 86 points


Tamnavulin 1992:2018 25yo Elixir SMoS cask #5377 [247 bts] 50.6%.jpg

Tamnavulin 1992/2018 25yo Elixir SMoS cask #5377 [247 bts] 50.6% tOMoH8/10

Not much Tamnavulin around.

  • N: Spongy, sweet squidgy putty vibes.
  • T: More chemical putty, being chemically sour-sweet and a little oaky.
  • F: Malty/oaky.
  • C: The years haven’t been so unkind.

Scores 84 points



Teaninich 2007:2018 10yo SV  Un-Chillfiltered Collection cask #702719 & 702720 46%.jpg

Teaninich 2007/2018 10yo SV  Un-Chillfiltered Collection cask #702719 & 702720 46% WB82[1]

  • C: A very young 10yo.

Scores 80 points


Tomatin 21yo [2018] TBWC Batch 3 [btl #119/132] 47.4% [50cl]

Tomatin 21yo [2018] TBWC Batch 3 [btl #119:132] 47.4% [50cl].jpg

  • N: Mature juice with a straight-ahead, bready base.
  • T: All this breadiness can’t make for the greatest journey.  
  • F: Speaks of quite some inactive refill cask action.
  • C: Decent enough gear but it sure is pricey – £138 [Nov ’18], for 50cl!

Scores 84 points



Tomatin 30yo [2018] Ob. [3000 bts] 46%.jpg

Tomatin 30yo [2018] Ob. [3000 bts] 46% WB88.25[4] SW90

100% 1st-fill ex-bourbon maturation.

  • C: Rich, malty bourbon-dunnage all the way. Truly lovely juice but surprisingly, somewhat overshadowed by Tomatin’s 15yo Muscatel finish that followed.

Scores 88 points


Tomatin 2003/2018 15yo [2018] Ob. Muscatel finish [6000 bts] 46% WB84.41[24] website

This large 2003 vintage batch was moved to Muscatel barriques in 2013 for a 5 year finishing.

Tomatin 2003:2018 15yo [2018] Ob. Muscatel finish [6000 bts] 46%.jpg

  • N: A savoury, yeasty, light-citrus wheat beer-like malt with sweet lemons, hints of cider and slight coppery/sulphur-y undertones. There’s a nice soft dryness which could be from either grain or cask, or both – I’m unsure.
  • T: With a sweet maltiness and slight bitter citrus arrival, not a great deal happens at first, but it’s apparent that this is so well balanced. It softens to a squidgy-dry chew before oozing out.
  • F: After a long long travel, it becomes bizarrely way softer with more malty & citrus-sweet wheat beer vibes. This wouldn’t survive at 40%, so Tomatin are to be commended for their persistence in bottling at craft strength. It remains yeasty with dry citrus pith, lime-topped lager, a few drops of cloudy cider and hint of sweet tobacco at the death.
  • C: What a cracking drinker. Now I need to find out about Moscatel. Further reading: sherrynotes.com

Scores 87 points


Tomatin 1994/2018 23yo HL First Editions cask #15287 [252 bts] 46.1%

Tomatin 1994:2018 23yo HL First Editions cask #15287 [252 bts] 46.1%.jpg

  • N: Fermented/sulphury vibes, whilst tOMoH observes its tobacco-yness.
  • T: Yummy action at its core. 
  • F: A coppery maltiness with an ashy finish.
  • C: Another decent hit, competitively priced. All of Hunter Laing’s bottlings should be received well.

Scores 87 points






Tuesday isn't just for Tomatin

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