Random Tandems #4: Loch Lomond & Miltonduff pair up


Earlier this year [2018], Loch Lomond signed a five year deal to become the main sponsors for the Scottish Open Golf Championship. Expect them to make it worth their while.



Loch Lomond The Open Special Edition [2018] Ob. 46% WB73.50[2]

Loch Lomond Open Special.jpg

This NAS ‘Open’ release is a hybrid-styled whisky utilising Loch Lomond’s unique & favoured Chardonnay yeast & four different distillate types. Containing whisky aged between 8-12yo, though no age is stated, it’s around 11 years of age in the main. Fair play!

  • N/T/F: A somewhat overwhelming dram for my first of the day. There’s lots here including direct PX and the Chardonnay yeastiness. Whilst other general notes speak of fruity/malty/squidgy fudge and soft oak, it’s distillate driven.
  • C: I can imagine this having wide appeal.

Scores 82 points


Loch Lomond 1999/[2018] 18yo Ob. The Open – The Autograph Edition: Paul Lawrie 50.8% WB0

Loch Lomond 1999 Open Paul Lawrie 50.8%.png

For each of their five [Golf Open] sponsorship years, Loch Lomond’s master blender Michael Henry will be collaborating with a golfer for unique annual releases. This first Autograph Edition is a collaborative effort between Henry & golfer Paul Lawrie.

  • N: That’s the ticket, 18 years of maturation providing all sorts of oiliness as well as a distinct Irishness. Some peat too?
  • T: With a firm and deliberate direction, this is a decently aged straight-talker.
  • F: Long and true. More indications of some peat, or charring perhaps.
  • C: Mannochmore meets Caol Ila? Perhaps not a beginners malt but a fine start for the Autograph series. 

Scores 86 points


Miltonduff distillery.png

  • Officially established in 1824, the Miltonduff distillery is currently owned by Chivas Brothers [Pernod Ricard].
  • Miltonduff currently produces 5.9 mlpa, virtually all of which goes to form the heart of Ballantine’s blended Scotch.
  • Mosstowie refers to spirit [& subsequent whisky], that was produced at Miltonduff in a pair of Lomond stills that operated between 1964 & 1981.
  • With rare exceptions, single malt expressions of Miltonduff are to be found with the independent bottlers.


Miltonduff 1995 23yo HL OMC #15138 50%

Miltonduff 23yo OMC.jpg

Seldom do we see the big boys offering anything with this kind of provenance at their shiny stands. Trust the independents to be treating us.

  • N: Wonderfully aged action.
  • T: Floral and woody, in a good way.
  • F: Unfortunately turns slightly funny, into waxy hairspray no less.
  • C: Good stuff, but then that finish.

[Scores 86 for the good bits].


Miltonduff 1981/2018 36yo Adelphi cask #5069 [138 bts] 51.8% WB0

miltonduff 1981 36yo Adelphi cask 5069.png

Like BBR, Adelphi’s Half-time Orange was nothing short of spectacular – on paper at the very least.

  • N: Malty oils, sweet fungal, Shreddies and honeyed bung cloth.
  • T: Arrives as expected with a sweet>sour movement. There’s more honey, a touch more fungal and some sour lemon.
  • F: True.
  • C: Nothing less than ideal, a classic perfectly aged malt I could spend hours with. My favourite at the Fringe.

Scores 92 points





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