Dramboree 2017: Dramming table, Day 1

No long-winded intros and introductions today. I have such a backlog of tasting notes, this is another dumping ground session. With TWE show 2017 only days away, i’m having a whisky note clear out.


Glentauchers 2008/2017 8yo Whisky Galore 46%

Glentauchers 8yo.jpg

  • N: Soft toffee malt, sweet citrus, complimentary sherry.
  • T: Amazingly controlled for one so young. Lovely relaxed sweetness. Quick into the finish.
  • F: Sweet fresh.
  • C: Very good, a popular young malt.

Scores 86 points


Three Ships 15yo [2016] Ob. [btl #1782/4000] 46.2% WB90[1]

Apparently this is/was the first/only Pinotage finish in the world in 2016.

Three ships 15

  • N: Method & Madness Chestnut finish anyone? Pretty straight varnished planks here.
  • T: No surprises from the nose to the palate.
  • F: Virgin oak fade, not much here either.
  • C: Well made, just not that interesting. I have actually preferred the younger 10.

Scores 80 points


Wasmund’s 2013 Single malt spirit Copper Fox 62%/124 proof WB45[2]

Distilled & bottled by Copper Fox Distillery Enterprises, Sperryville, Virginia and lots of info on the label:


  1. Distilling notes: Double pot-stilled between 150-160 proof. 500 gal mash,….
  2. Grains used: 100% hand malted barley
  3. And perhaps most importantly – Age: less than 30 days old
  • N: Fruity Rampur-esque nail varnish.
  • T: Wacky, medicinal Balcones Brimstone.
  • F: Herbal (oregano), almost gin liqueur.
  • C: Hmm, wha? This is terrible. This won Dramboree’s ‘Worst dram of 2017’.

No score


[Springbank] Longrow 2002/2016 14yo Cadenhead CS [150 bts] 49.3% WB87.57[9]

Springbank 14.jpg

  • N: Light creamy peat, a little drier than Ardmore, more soft depth than Kilchoman – waxing lyrical.
  • T: Competent.
  • F: A waxy mouthfeel.
  • C: Good if uneventful.

Scores 85 points


[Laphroaig] 1987/2000 12yo ‘Leapfrog’ MM bourbon cask #4216 46% WB87.33[5] WM85[1]

Murray mcdavid Leapfrog.jpg

  • N: Ice-cream peat with a little vegetal.
  • T: The wood has served the distillate well. A controlled fresh now.
  • F: More ice-cream peat-smoke after the freshness has faded.
  • C: Very good, pleasing alternative to the official bottlings.

Scores 87 points


Ailsa Bay 02/07/15 Sample ID 150702087 WM Grant cask #14542 abv unknown

Young spirit sample brought especially for the Dramboree dramming table.

  • N: Clean ice cream notes.
  • T: Good distillate, sweet and drinkable. A touch of Dalmore about it.
  • F: Raisin-y distillate fade with a barley vodka conclusion.
  • C: For what it’s worth, probably my favourite Ailsa Bay expression yet.

Scores 78 points


Compass Box Morpheus [2017] ’Limited release’ Bottled for Milroy’s of Soho [1056 bts] [btl #M14MMVII] 46% WB87[3]

Compass box morpheus.jpg

  • N: Good standard /quality fruity malt.
  • T: The competency continues along light sugar-sweet lines.
  • F: Sweet creamy putty.
  • C: Definitely good but i won’t remember it.

Scores 86 points


Bowmore 1997/2017 19yo Adelphi cask #2411 [545 bts] 57.2% WB87.40[7]

Bowmore 19yo.jpg

  • N: Big fruity clotted cream, some nice sooty oils, tobacco/leather,.. Plenty here.
  • T: Fruity at first then, boom! – the abv-fuelled peat is unleashed! Water brings to the fore, the cereal grain and less so the fruitiness. Dry smoke into the finish.
  • F: Dry smoke with a nutty huskiness.
  • C: And still the Independents’ have the lead on Bowmore. Weird that.

Scores 87 points


Bowmore 17yo [2004] Ob. 43% WB84.71[223]

Bowmore 17.jpg

  • N: OBE/older style spearmint, raspberry tutti fruity,.. and much more.
  • T: More oldness, mint,…. with a ‘proper’ [good cricket] spirit & wood partnership.
  • F: Gentle oozing of the things.
  • C: Right on. It’s not that long ago that the distillery had the edge.

Scores 87 points


Imperial 1995/2017 21yo SV ‘CS Collection’ casks #50220 & 50221 [btl #145/496] 56.7% WB0

Imperial 1995.jpg

  • N: Glossy varnish/grain-like malt. Fruity/malty vibrant nose with Blu Tac, hessian sac,….. some changes , a little farmy,..
  • T: A big chew,.. spot on. Some deep putty with water.
  • F: Malty-fresh and more fruity/malty bourbon joy.
  • C: Another spot-on 1995 vintage from SV – spirit & [both] casks firing together and bringing much complexity. This won second place at Dramboree 2017. Certainly a whisky to look out for – this distillery, this vintage, this bottler.

Scores 89 points

Invergordon TBWC.jpg

Invergordon TBWC Batch 3 [2015] [btl #48/60] 49.8% [50cl] WB81[1]

  • N: Fruity, soft vanilla wood.
  • T: Fruity spice. Works neat.
  • F: Short.
  • C: So-so.

Scores 83 points


Highland Park 1995/2015 19yo SMWS 4.212 ‘A dram from Treasure island’ [258 bts] 55.4% WB86.50[2]

Highland Park SMWS 4.212.jpg

A well-aged HP from a refill bourbon cask.

  • N: Floral-TTW-fruit-funk.
  • T: Bourbon,…hmm. Bit middle of the road now.
  • F: Waxy tannic.
  • C: As with a fair few SMWS expressions, one dram is enough.

Scores 84 points


Port Dundas 1988/2016 27yo HL Sovereign cask #HL12635 [btl #175/191] 56.1% WB84[4]

Port dundas sovereign.jpg

  • N: Besides the vanilla honey lemon sponge, theres something funky? Big oils, Pernod? some phenols? – I cant quite put my finger on it. Anyone remember the Benriach Heredotus?
  • T: There’s more of the funk but it quickly settles.
  • F: Good travel,… and still a little funk.
  • C: Sure ‘We want the funk’, but im not sure about the style of this one.

Scores 79 points


Glen Nicol 5yo Pure Malt 50%

Glen nicol 5yo.jpg

Spending much of its unopened life on the shelf of a smoky bar, this pure malt is an Italian import distilled & bottled in Scotland by R. Carmichael & Sons who are still in business in Airdrie. This is a blended malt, formerly known as a vatted malt.

  • N: Old skool toffee and a TTW cocktail. If this was a blend, you’d say it had a very high malt content. So what im saying is, it tastes as if it has some graininess in the mix.
  • T: Chewy, a little fizzy, rubbery (textural) malt with a nice waxy maltiness.
  • F: Soft & spongey fresh.
  • C: This is good. One to lookout for. Stefan’s auction gamble success.

Scores 85 points


[Longmorn-Glenlivet] Longmorn 1972 12yo G&M L.G.D. 70 proof [75.7cl/26.6 fl ozs]

Longmorn Glenlivet 12yo .jpg

  • N: Delicious deep, old n rare style with deep orchard fruits.
  • T: Tincture syrup.
  • F: Dry-fruit woody malt – what’s not to like? And there is consensus certainly.
  • C: A little flat/tired yet still able to convey some old skool magic. This bottle emptied fast.

Scores 89 points


Compass Box ‘Flaming Heart’ 5th Edition [2015] 15th Anniversary [12060 bts] 48.9% WB88.84[66] WF91 ralfy91

  • N: I can’t remember whether i had this before? Is the peat smoke from Caol Ila? Laphroaig? I’ll do my homework later.
  • T: Same again, all very Islay.
  • F: I’m still in the dark but i’m really liking that i’m drinking.
  • C: A very good smokey/Islay,… blend? Aah, Clynelish and Caol Ila – now i’m up to speed. I have indeed had it before and gave it a point more last time around – due to context.

Scores 88 points


[English Whisky Company] St. George’s Distillery ‘The Norfolk’ Malt & Rye Single Grain Whisky [23/01/2017] [1962 bts] 45% [50cl] WB0

English Norfolk.jpg

‘Where’s the cat?’ asks Kate, then it’s found!

  • N: Good, modern/young orchard fruit-style grain.
  • T: Aspirin-dry fruity number before a disappearing act.
  • F: Nothing but a tannic filmy mouthfeel.
  • C: Promising stuff. Must visit soon.

Scores 76 points


Glen Sloy 8yo ‘Pure Malt’ bottled for Rutherford & Boyd 40%  WB0

Glen Sloy.jpg

Portuguese import.

  • N: Good old, malt? Blend?  – with some furniture polish, phenols and popcorn.
  • T: Sugary/prickly sweet pickle.
  • F: A little waxy finish.
  • C: Really not bad.

Scores 77 points




Click here for Day 2

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