Tomatin Tuesday #2


Tomatin CS [2017] Ob. 57.5% WB86[2]

Tomatin CS.JPG

  • N: A big leathery malt with an blatant oloroso sherry ratio. Texturally, a little creamier when reduced to 46%.
  • T: Bold, full and very tasty,…. but,… here comes the sherried cavalcade. Yawn
  • F: I’m exaggerating, a little. Finishes more rounded and balanced with a burnt butterscotch/corn/bourbon/sherry mixture.
  • C: Heavy, basic and crude in comparison to what came after – from the independents again.

Scores 82 points


Tomatin 18yo [2017] Ob. 46% WB85.11[55]

Tomatin 18.JPG

  • N: Creamy, metal-y, vanilla wafer and softer sherried mineral notes. Reduced to 46%: Tomato sherry & curry spices.
  • T: Better bourbon to sherry ratio than the CS version, allowing the bourbon fruits to sing. Hints of sulphur ash. Reduced to 46%: No change to the profile, only maybe a little more pineapple. Creamier mouthfeel though.
  • F: A lovely roundness keeps my enthusiasm pepped. Finishes with a touch of mocha and vanilla cream.
  • C: Pretty decent.

Scores 84 points


Tomatin 1995/2017 21yo HL OMC #13268 50% WB0

Tomatin 21.JPG

  • N: Weetabix malt steeped in oak milk. Reduced to 46%: Lambs lettuce, flint, stones and full-barley.
  • T: Mash & oak driven edgy brilliance with light plasticine and dried fruits.
  • F: Honey malt with a light maltiness=more dried fruits.
  • C: Very decent & rounded single cask Tomatin for around £85 [Sept ’17].

Scores 86 points


Tomatin 1991/2017 26yo Whiskybroker cask #49 [btl #67/257] 54.9% WB90[6]

Tomatin 26yo

  • N: Marmite, yeast flakes, rubber tyres. Reduced to 46%: Cinder>dunder>bourbon with the fruits flowing.
  • T: More rubber and all-sorts besides. Leaving it out to open really pays off. More bourbon-led grapefruit-sour fruits.
  • F: Bourbon-led, settling nicely.
  • C: Good slow ageing. Time reveals the small treasures that hint back to the 70’s classics. Absolute bargain at £66 [August ’17].

Scores 87 points

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