RumFest 2018: Velier, Part 1

Still very much a festival within festival, one could spend a whole day at the Velier stand, which is pretty much what happened. In contrast to the big boys [blog], we start in unadulterated 100% pot still territory, no doubt flying high all the way.


Hampden Pure Single Jamaican Rum [2018] 7-8yo Ob./[Velier] 46% WF89 RR7[2] IAL TLC89 [SCR]83 RC77 CW

Hampden Pure Single Jamaican Rum [2018] 46%.jpg

Arguably the ‘Springbank of rum’, Hampden is one of the oldest rum distilleries, yet the estate has only recently begun bottling their own rum. Whilst others may disagree, I read that this is a watered-down version of the overproof presentation that follows. As for the age, rumcorner says ‘Front label says 8 years. Back label says 7 years. The LM&V website says 7 years. That’s a 2-1 decision for 7 years, so I’ll stick to that’.

  • N: Lighter & slightly sweeter than the overproof expression and incredibly approachable.
  • T: There’s a lovely softness to this without any loss of essence, only a slightly diminished mouthfeel.
  • F: Shorter finish on a soft vegetal squidgyness.

I’ll come back to this. Let’s see if the overproof abv pays off.


Hampden Overproof [2018] 7/8yo Ob./[Velier] 60% WF88 [SCR]83 RC83 CW tFRP

Hampden Overproof [2018] Ob. 60%.jpeg

  • N: After those crazy Long Pond’s [report to follow], this is a far easier, more familiar, subtly savoury-sweet & moorish number with a tempered vegetal funk. At 60% it doesn’t bite at all.
  • T: Strong, waxy vegetal distillate.
  • F: Cherry cake filling with aniseed drops, but that could be those Long Ponds talking.
  • C: Fairly candid, authentic expression – Hampden all over.

Scores 84 points

Back to the ‘weaker’ version now:

Hampden Pure Single Jamaican Rum [2018] 7-8yo Ob./[Velier] 46% – TAKE 2

hampden pure single jamaican rum [2018] 46%

  • N: The nose is right up there whilst being incredibly approachable in the best way possible and with firm grapey vegetal dunder action.
  • T: There’s a lovely softness to this without any loss of essence. Perfectly straight ahead otherwise.
  • F: 7-8 years of ageing has brought a soft vegetal squidge.
  • C: Trelawny is a name to remember. I initially had this down at 82/83, but what a difference an hour makes!

Scores 88 points


Hampden 2011/2018 7yo Ob./Velier LFCH 60.5%

Hampden 2011:2018 7yo Velier LFCH 60.5%.jpeg

  • N&T: More of that now-familiar funkiness with wax capacitor action and a potential distillery-recognisable vegetal core.
  • F&C: Whether you like this or not is neither here nor there. I find it hard going at times but there’s no denying that it personifies the essence of sugar cane.

Scores 89 points


Worthy Park 2007/2017 10yo Ob./Velier WPL 59%

The overproof & 46% version Hampden’s are officially, official bottlings and not Velier partnerships. ‘Worthy Park Light’ has the lowest congeners and is officially a WP/Velier partnership bottling.

Worthy Park 2007:2017 10yo Velier WPL 59% EDITED small.jpeg

  • N: Sweet lamb, vanilla sponge, sweet putty, liquorice, oily garage floors and lots of excellent stuff besides.
  • T: Further colourful & chatty action yet also [almond-sweet] light. Likes a little water too.
  • F: Sweet fusty putty, so whisky-like until the end with peppery confectionary & an aniseed/liquorice finish. Soft witch hazel at the death.
  • C: A super finisher.

Scores 88 points


With special thanks [once again], to Andrea for his imparting knowledge.




Richard Luca velier rumfest 2017

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