The Whisky Show 2021, Part 4/11: TBWC

Following on from Part 3,….

Much like Velier is to Rumfest [WLP], TBWC is a show within a show [as I’ve mentioned a number of times before]. Let’s see what the lovely people [Dave, Kat, Claire] have for us, two years since the global hiatus. Did James move on?


We start young, VERY young!

Circumstance 40 Day Old Spirit [2021] TBWC Batch #1 Home Nations Series [88 bts] 59.8% [50cl] WB65[1]

  • C: Like the Penderyn [to follow], a fun one on peach melba,.. oven-baked pear,…. A wheated work in progress. [Not scored]


Penderyn 6yo [2021] TBWC Batch #2 Home Nations Series [476 bts] 50% [50cl] WB81[3] WF[batch1]82

  • N: After vibrant strawberries, elderflower and quince jelly references, it’s Euro-whisky all the way home.
  • T&F: The genever-like palate doesn’t disappoint [for me], but I can imagine this one splitting a room.
  • C: As fun as a 4-pack yoghurt selection to a youngster, this one could come down to individual preferences more than others. I’d written ‘buy’, but at £65 for a 50cl bottle, I took a step back. 

Scores 84 points


Adnams 7yo [2021] TBWC Batch #1 Home Nations Series [406 bts] 50% [50cl] WB81[2]

  • C: Dave loves this, but then he loves beer. I’m partial to these beer-aged malts too, though I find most never quite excel.

Scores 81 points


Let’s crank up the age-o-meter. The fine folk at TBWC are pouring most of these from MoM miniatures. Is this a deliberate limitations exercise?


Bruichladdich 28yo [2020] TBWC Batch #19 [1123 bts] 48.5% [50cl] WB85[2]

  • C: Being rather a straight-shooter [classic Laddie] and immersed in raisins [and the juice of], it’s hard not to like. Moreish is the word! £210 for 50cl, however,…. same old.

Scores 86 points


Irish Whiskey 29yo [2021] TBWC Batch #7 Home Nations Series [418 bts] 50.2% [50cl] WB89[2]

  • C: There’s no mistaking the Irishness of this one. Not dissimilar to [Aldi’s] 26yo Bushmills Irish Reserve [WLP187/WLP286] in character, this is one I could drink all day – if at Aldi prices. 

Provisionally scores 87+ points [with a revisit to follow in due course]


Aultmore 38yo [2021] TBWC Batch #17 [153 bts] 54.3% WB0

  • C: In three words: ‘Malty Meaty, Boom’. Though not necessarily treasure-laden, this is a cracking mature Aultmore. However, if you thought the Irish was pricey [£285], the rrp on this bad boy is out of this [my] world – £700,.. for 50cl.

Scores 88 points


Invergordon 50yo [2021] TBWC [328 bts] 47.5% WB91[2]

C: I’ve written ’See Notes’,… in my notes? We shall never know!


Some ‘dude’ passes me a glass. Seems I didn’t miss the Storry stash after all.

Glenlossie 1992/2016 23yo SMWS 46.49 Mango Colada [276 bts] 52.5% WB88.30[32]

  • C: All that’s written here in my notebook is ‘Claire woz ‘ere – 3/10/2021 – smiley face’. It’s that time of the day already!

And then another. Am I at TBWC stand or the Phil Storry stand? It’s all rather hazy.

Cooley 1988/2014 25yo SMWS 117.3 Hubba-Bubba, Mango and Monstera [199 bts] 58.5% WB91.43[23]

  • N: I’d have expected a flowing shopping list on the nose, but in this brief moment in time, it’s far more concentrated and contained – soupy.
  • T&F: There we have it. If the nose couldn’t reveal itself to me in these frenetic temporary conditions, the palate certainly can. The fruity Irish signature flourishes with note after note.
  • C: Fabulous whiskey. Thank you Mr S.

Scores 89 points


With thanks to Claire [woz ‘ere], and Dave & Kat – the ultimate father-daughter team. Next up, Three Blind Men.





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