RumFest 2018: The Big Boys

Flor de Cana Magician.jpeg

I tend not to bother with the big brands, but two whole days at RumFest allowed for a little wandering. Whilst wandering I came across a valinching magician who was too persistent to refuse, and a perfect gentleman. What was evident was the firm ex-whisk[e]y-cask influence on all four rums below. 


Flor de Cana 12yo Centenario Ob. Legacy Edition 1 40% [btl code R50020632574] RR7/10[282]

Flor de Cana 12yo Centenario Ob. Legacy Edition 1 40%.jpeg

Valinched direct from a cask by the magician [or was he an illusionist?], this is another one with a story – of course. In nuts n bolts terminology, this is rum made from molasses, column still-distilled 5 times !?! – and aged in Nicaragua using ex-bourbon casks. Apparently the angels take 8% per year, but 8×12 is 96%??

  • C: With lots of blended thick/congested woody tannin, it’s stylistically very Whyte & MacKay [the brand’s owners]. It’s also rather tasty.

Scores 77 points


Flor de Cana 18yo Centenario Ob. Single Estate Rum 40% [WF]82[2013] RR7/10[282]

Flor de Cana 18yo Centenario Ob. Single Estate Rum 40%.jpeg

  • N: After the 12yo, there’s even more woody sugary action, sprinkled with cinnamon.
  • T: Dark bitter molasses sugars.
  • F: Does a dry disappearing act.
  • C: I much preferred the 12yo as this has gone over, and that’s saying something for me. £55 [Jan ’18], however, is a very fair price for an 18yo rum.

Scores 74 points


Diplomatico Distillery Collection No.3 batch 1 Pot still rum [distilled 06/10] Ob. [#0058/5000 bts] 47%

What little experience I have of Diplomatico is reduced to my clearest memory of the dubious yet delicious Reserva Exclusiva [Blog]. Diplomatico’s European ambassador, tells me that the Diplomatico Reserva actually contains some 12yo pot still rum before recommending The Distillery Collection – and so here we are.

Diplomatico No. 3 batch 1 [distilled 06:10] Ob. Pot still [#0058:5000 bts] 47%.jpeg

  • N: From memory, this and the Reserva both possess a similar & familiar signature smell.
  • T: After some expectation from the nose, alas, it soon falls down.
  • F: With butyric touches, there are a few unravelling colours and an interesting mouthfeel – which is positive – though it’s disappointing overall.
  • C: The nose at least shows the most promise, but ultimately, Diplomatico have a faithful consumer base to maintain. Further reading: tFRP1 & tFRP2

Scores 79 points


At RumFest 2016, the Pusser’s stand were proudly pouring & promoting their 15yo ‘Original Navy Rum’ [Blog76]. This year they were promoting this Gunpowder Proof. It’s a classic British Navy style rum and aged in the tropics for +/- three years.

Pusser’s Gunpowder proof [2018] Ob. 54.5% RR7.5[22]

Pusser’s Gunpowder proof [2018] Ob. 54.5%.jpeg

Pusser’s is attributed to one of my favourite cocktails, the [Million Dollar Cocktail] Painkiller. Gunpowder Proof contains rums from Guyanese distilleries owned by DDL.

  • N: A rounded profile with balanced cask action and nutty bitter-sugars.
  • T: With plenty of oak showing, it’s one that suits my whisky palate. Later on it moves towards molasses.
  • F: Concluding, unsurprisingly, with woody molasses sugars.
  • C: A good bolshy presentation currently going for around £30, [half the price of the 15yo].

Scores 82 points


Way more rumblings are coming. [Notice I’m warming up to the best].





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