New release: Mackmyra Skordetid


Mackmyra SkÖrdetid – Official blurb [website]:

‘Mackmyra’s latest seasonal release, Skördetid, is an elegant whisky partially finished in Masi Costasera Amarone casks, which results in a whisky with sweet, vinous notes of grapes, raisins and a herbal spiciness. Skördetid, which is Swedish for “harvest time”, is the result of close collaboration between Mackmyra and the Italian wine producer Masi, and is available in limited quantities at Swedish Systembolaget from 17 November 2017’.


[Bearing in mind i know nothing about wine]: These Masi Costasera Amarone casks are the result of the making of Sartori wine, made mainly from dry Corvina grapes that are left out to dry naturally. This time-consuming drying process is called passamento which produces residual sugars with an intense and deep rich flavour without being sugary. [Hope i got that right].

reserve casks.png


Also in the mix are PX casks, reserve casks and US barrels with Swedish heads.

  • Age: approximately 8-9 yo whisky.
  • Only 360 bottles are destined for the UK
  • Priced at around £75.


Mackmyra Skordetid [2017] Ob. 46.1% WB0

mackmyra skordetid.JPG

  • N: A small sample in a big glass doesn’t make things easy but it’s an honour to be the first in the UK [as a group] to be trying this. Noses of deep/sweet rum & cognac sugars with a sweet pong.
  • T: With [molasses] rum=Cognac references, the concentrated grape-like sugars flood in and stick. The finish certainly dominates
  • F: Long finish, the sugars still lingering once the mash subsides.
  • C: ‘The pinnacle of our invasion’ says the Mackmyra ambassador, and some invasion it’s been. Thumbs up, clever stuff.

Provisionally scores 85 points

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