Bottle Polishing: Single casks

Today i’m finishing off a grain from Strathclyde [one i’ve written about twice before], and two single malts from Inchgower. As it turns out, it’s a 1, 2, 3.


Strathclyde 2005/2016 10yo DL old particular cask DL11062 50.9% WB86[10]


  • N: Pineapple butterscotch, a few pine needles and a healthy dose of pine=cedar freshness – all helped by the abv kick, though water is recommended.
  • T: A distinctive character that sticks in the memory. The profile is built around a roasted banana>pineapple maltiness.
  • F: Wowee, taste that cask! Despite all the forward sherry, there’s a grand illusion of an earthy bourbon character also. Ten mins later and the finish is still cooking. Shoe polish at the death.
  • C: Alan Winchester remarked that something rather remarkable is currently happening with the Strathclyde spirit in the right casks. Not only is this in the right cask, it’s available & affordable.

Scores 87 points


Inchgower 1999/2012 12yo DL OMC Sherry butt #8793 50% WB86.50[2] // wsky-saga

Inchgower 8793.jpg

  • N: Sunkist popcorn>mellow corn=rum, some butterscotch, slightly burned toffee,.. Theres a Glenlivet-ness [thinking Nadurra], yet on second thoughts it’s leaning more towards Glenmorangie Nectar D’or – mirroring that Sauternes-sweet honeyed maltiness with apples, hints of pineapples and a touch of coconut dunnage [dry>moist earth].
  • T: Whilst mildly astringent/stalwart [Mannochmore-esque], its never ever harsh or inoffensive. It’s a bit of a softy underneath, yet too much water can rile it. Play around with water with good/different results. Development: delicious malty raisins, a hint of Espresso Martini for sure and rum too [much like the Drumlanrig cask #8822 coming up]. The drier oak notes come later, equally as desirable. A good and tasty cask.
  • F: More raisins and much of what’s gone before. Becomes a touch tannic & metallic [Glenkinchie 12yo was the last time i experienced this particular vibe], with a touch [more] prickly>fizzy peppery>chilli sprinkles, though water really dispels this issue. There’s a sherried rubbery=putty=raisin conclusion.
  • C: I’ve enjoy these ‘Advance Sample’ bottles immensely, with sadly only 1 of 4 left. Neither cask nor spirit are easy companions and yet despite their individual awkwardnesses, they make for a very decent union.

Scores 86 points


Inchgower 1999/2012 12yo DoD cask #8822 [360 bts] 46% WB85[6]

Inchgower 8822.jpg

  • N: Butter-honey>butterscotch, rum n raisin and sherried sugars. The last dram of the bottle reinforces the distillate-led drive and a slight oriental umami (tamari/sweet-meaty/sweet-sugared shiitake) with a creamy, fresh-green [lettuce) maltiness.
  • T: Comes in spirity=creamy. Flavour-wise, this is all about the malty raisin capture just like the DL sherry cask #8793. Grab as many of those raisins as fast as you can as they don’t hang around too long. More sweet rum n raisin with some firm waxiness also – taste & mouthfeel. Desirable sweet-oat biscuit base on development.
  • F: Nicely waxy & malty with a subtle porridgy>biscuit finish and some slightly off=key witch hazel notes at the death.
  • C: All-sorts to analyse here. Sits happily in the 85 score zone.

Scores 85 points

Inchgower 8793 large.jpg

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