Rumblings: Rum-Bar

Whilst we are on the rum, here’s the last two rums of my Rumfest 2017 [blog]. Both are from the Worthy Park estate in Jamaica WP.


[Worthy Park] Rum-Bar ‘Gold’ [2017] Ob. 45% WF87

100% pot still rum distilled from 100% molasses. Their very small cut point is between 87-85. Aged for 6-10 years in bourbon refill & first fill. A little caramel is added.

11 rumbar gold.jpg

  • N: Sweet cabbage,… and many more raw dirty things.
  • T: Dirty briny rum which is just fine in my book. If you’re looking for ‘smooth & polished’, you’re at the wrong distillery.
  • F: More sweet & sour cabbage with a briny>waxy<oiliness throughout.
  • C: The Benromach of rum perhaps? If the goal of rum making [as Luca Gargano says blog], “is to capture the essence of sugar cane’s unique vegetal complex”, you can’t go far wrong here.

Scores 84 points


11 Rum Bar overproof.jpg

[Worthy Park] Rum-Bar ‘Over proof’ [2017] Ob. 65% WF88 RR54[8] TFRP

  • C: According to Alex Kong [export sales manager, Worthy Park], this is a perfect example of the distillery’s ‘house style’ and the best selling rum in Jamaican. “Made for drinking not sipping”, he adds. The Jamaicans are on to something for sure.

Scores 83 points



11 Alex2
Nick, Ashley and I with Alex Kong – Rumfest 2017

With many thanks to AK and his mobile phone. See you next year!

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