More Loose Ends: Spring 2023

Following on (WLP),….. first up is my first contact with Skye’s other distillery.

Torabhaig 2017/2020~2021 03yo Ob. The Legacy Series – Inaugural Release [36000 bts] 46% (5cl) WB83.63[29] WF88 & [A]WF86

  • N: Sticky sour,… meaty,… smokey popadoms, vanilla, crud, falafel,… A remarkable nose for its age really.
  • T: A balanced profile delivery over smoked banana, nettle tea and the like.
  • F: From a greasy oily spirit come Caol Ila vibes by the tail.
  • C: Promising, for sure. is all one can say at this juncture.

Scores 80 points


Staying with the up-and-coming:

Bimber Festival Edition [2022] Ob. for Melody Bar Amontillado cask #279/2 [120 bts] 57.6% WB85.75[4] WS

  • N: Slightly astringent, pop/soda, candy fruits, maltiness,…
  • T: Rubbery fruity pop, waxy and thin before the sugar wine hits.
  • F: Some titillating spiciness.
  • C: Whether one likes this style is one thing. Regardless, I also find this rather clever and curious.

Scores [82<]83 points


Daftmill 2006/2019 12yo BB&R Oloroso cask #039/2006 [621 bts] 57.4% WB87.17[80]

  • N: Plenty forthcoming. Namely, filthy sweet meaty flor-like funk, chocolate Matchsticks without the mint, All Bran, flint, soil, clay, ground almonds and such stuff.
  • T: Promoting funky fruits, the active [oloroso] cask speaks strongly here.
  • F: Tickling along impeccably, the distillate now balances the load.
  • C: From the horse’s mouth, sherry-matured Daftmill hasn’t been as easy a ride as the bourbon stock has enjoyed, but this one is an exception. More proof too that Daftmill is a mainstay distillery.

Scores 85 points


Caperdonich 1992/2011 19yo SV bourbon hogshead #46238 [273 bts] 57.3% WB84.20[7]

I received this sample from Malt Martin before the Caperdonich gold rush. Indeed, there were a fair number of parcels of 1990s-vintage Caperdonich around a similar age on the market at the time – a CWC 20yo [WLP88] for example – typically excellent and very affordable.

  • N: Stewed fruits, raisins & sultanas, a pinch of white pepper, waxy plastic, wood, hot sauce, and just an attempt towards set honey.
  • T: Quite pokey on arrival though it swims ok. Following on, we’ve more of those plump raisins & sultanas before a swift transition.
  • F: More on greasy oaky white peppery heat as well as being coppery, < spirity and somewhat bourbon-y also.
  • C: Not a bad whisky, but one that’s sailed way past its price-point in the intervening years.

Scores 83 points


Midleton 1994~2000/2017 Un-Ob. [Madeira] cask #11923 57.7%

Having first tried this under-the-counter rarity at the Whisky Show in 2017 [WLP+/-88], I’d unwittingly kept a full sample back ever since. Originally bonded on 31/08/1994, a re-racking occurred on 03/02/2000 into a 1st-fill madeira cask. Unofficially presented at cask strength, this particular batch sample may well have been related/destined for Midleton’s Cask Circle Programme [SW]. More than five years on, let’s see what we find.

  • N: Dusty yet vibrant ripe bananas – sliced and diced – hints of kiwi fruit, stewed cut orange & apple,… you get the picture.  
  • T: Faultless arrival and delivery. Grain-like in the Scottish style and very mature and somewhat sherry-like, all steeped in oak without being overly oaked. Stretches out over cocoa, coffee and chocolate overtones.
  • F: Long unravel, eventually settling towards dusty wax, dryish oak, and barley sugar.
  • C: A fabulous one-off [cask sample?] I couldn’t find anything about online. Happy days!

Scores 90 points



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