The Whisky Show 2022: Old & Rare, Part 2

Following on from dreamy Port Ellen [WLP],…


,… 1960s vintage Glenmorangie catches my eye. This has been on my list for some time.

Glenmorangie 1963 23yo Ob. Sherry Cask 86 proof WB0

Is 1963 not Glenmo’s earliest [post-war] vintage? Serge [WF22yo:91]: ‘I believe this is one of, or maybe the earliest example of wine finishing made by Glenmorangie, as this nice baby was bottled around 1985 (obviously). Proof that wine finishing isn’t only a recent marketing stunt’.

  • N: Gentile, soft & sensitive with deep-layered ripe fruits.
  • T: Thin chew, but a chew nevertheless. The slowly expanding fruitiness is a surprising treat.
  • F: Despite the low abv, the expansion continues before eventually tailing off towards a clean [no fungal] fruity waxy finish.
  • C: So well preserved, it’s the best Glenmorangie I’ve ever had, even beating Cadenhead’s undisclosed 37yo 1985 vintage [WLP91].

Scores 92 points


Strathisla 1977 25yo G&M The Queen’s Silver Jubilee 70 proof [26 & 2/3 fl oz] WB90.47[22]

One I thought I might have tried before but hadn’t. Indeed, it’s never been on my radar.

  • N, T, & F: A sensational nose leads to a [forgivably] slightly faded yet minerallic-savoury < sweet~fruity palate development. The finish is surprisingly willing given the age and abv.
  • C: One of my unexpected highlights of the show.

Scores 91 points


Smoking jackets on!

Laphroaig 1981/2001 20yo LGE Caledonian Selection Hogshead #4608 55.3% [750ml] WB92[1]

  • C: Unlike anything you’ll find in contemporary Laphroaig, pleasurably salty-dry and bamboozlingly savoury as if they decided to make a paxarette-like tincture out of spinach?! Bring it on!

Scores 91 points


Ben Nevis 1996 19yo Ob. cask #1424 51.8% WB90.40[44] WF93

Although I fail to recall at the time, I tried this at last year’s Whisky Show and loved it [WLP92]. Plenty of peeps were astute enough to buy bottles/cases of the stuff at the time.

  • C: A forthright faultless cracker, this is everything you could want from Ben Nevis. Happily another point this year. I take home another generous sample to have alongside a handful of other 25yo Nevis’s for a future tasting.

Scores 93 points


What a session that was! Time for lunch, me thinks.

Big thumbs up for the food, Whisky Show – more delicious than ever! Also, bravo for the tick-box environmentally-conscious packaging [though there’s still a strong case for ceramic plates and metal cutlery]. Good food after good drams makes you feel looked after.


Furthermore, the PA quality is super-high this year and clearly audible even in the busy dining hall without being brash or loud, nor interfering with conversions. So much so, many of us heard the announcement “Welcome to the stage, Billy Elliot”!!



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