The Whisky Show 2021, Part 10/11: Artful Dodger [& a Dornoch]

Following on from Part 9,… we’re off to see the Artful Dodger [and NOT the Whisky Baron: WLP] – I’m going to get it right this time.

Artful Dodger is a label/IB owned by Seb Woolf, the man behind Cut Your Wolf Loose – a fantastic establishment I’m getting to know rather well [WLP].

We’ve five to try. Let’s begin.


Dufftown 2008 13yo Artful Dodger Bourbon cask #700203 57.6% [500ml]

Seb tells me he’s really pleased with this bottling.

  • C: Relaxed, sweet, quality malt as expected. Perhaps I’d appreciate it more another time. It’s been a long weekend.

Scores 85 points


Jura 1990 30yo Artful Dodger cask #9005283 57.6% [500ml]

Is the label design a little tricky to read? You decide.

  • C: The whisky itself – the stuff that counts! – is a goodun’, right up there with the best Jura I’ve tried [not a great deal]. I get distracted away from the Jura, however, when I see Phil and Simon Thompson,…. pouring!

Scores 88 points


Dornoch 4yo [2021] Un-Ob. single cask [#26?] 59%

The shiny ‘Error 502 Bad Gateway’ label isn’t fit for writing on with a marker pen, as the brothers soon discovered. Thankfully, the whisky in the bottle is unaffected. 

  • C: Fruity, herbal,… exotic [in keeping with their inaugural release WLP88],… brilliant! One better even than the 5th release Ardnamurchan [WLP]. Bring it on!

Scores 87 points


I dodged the Dodger but soon return for an older grain.

Cameronbridge 1984 35yo Artful Dodger cask #27679 abv unknown [500ml]

  • C: A creamy one, the wood not gripping – bitter-wise – like the 45yo Invergordon [WLP]. Instead, we’ve a heavy sourness which I struggle with. Furthermore, it’s still a little ‘make-y’. Struck match at the death.

Scores 84 points


Bunnahabhain [2021] Artful Dodger abv unknown [500ml]

No further details about this one as yet, but from memory, it was +/-8 years old.

  • N: Raisin-y,…. prunes,…. things of that overtly sherried ilk.
  • T&F: Same again on the palate, this is boozy raisin juice through and through. Seb nods. Who though, could tell that it was a Bunna?
  • C: Everyone loves it. Why? Because it’s a sweet sherry bomb.

Scores 83 points


Last up, a smokey:

Caol Ila 2009/2019 [~2020] 9yo Artful Dodger Ex-bourbon hogshead #319291 [470 bts] 59.7% [500ml] WB86.67[3]

Serge is right ‘,… the numbers don’t quite add-up‘. He later clarifies ‘this was actually bottled in 2019 and released in 2020‘ [WF88].

  • N: A sweet one that’s reminiscent of Elements of Islay’s CL6 [WB], though not quite as sugary.
  • T: Really good on the palate,… salty, vegetal, and punchy.
  • F: The power brings reverberations.
  • C: A good one to finish on.

Scores 87 points


We are nearly through my look at The Whisky Show 2021. We conclude the festivities at, where else but Elixir [in part 11/11].

PS: Someone at Artful Dodger HQ might do well to list these bottles on Whiskybase.





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