The Old & Rare Show 2020: Part 3[a]

[Following on from Part 2], Part 3 became more involved than expected, so I’ve split it in two.

Justerini & Brooks stand

Glenury Royal 1971 23yo Ob. Rare Malts [btl #3302] 61.3% 75cl

I’m back at the Justerini & Brooks stand where The Last Drop is enjoying an old blend. Here on Day 1, I’d secured:

  • Glen Ord 1978/2004 25yo Ob. 58.3% WB89.69[240] WF90 WM89[6]
  • Glenury Royal 1971/1995 23yo Ob. Rare Malts 61.3% WB92.39[181] WF92 WM90[13]
  • Oban 1969/2002 32yo Ob. [6000 bts] 55.1% WB92.20[135] WF93[x2] WM91[1]

I have a good natter with Colin Dunn who points out the quality/value ratio at his stand. He isn’t wrong. I spontaneously plumb for a Rare Malts Coleburn at only £7. The problem with improvising, however, is I end up trying things I’ve already tried. Oh well!

Coleburn 21

Coleburn 1979/2000 21yo Ob. Rare Malts 59.4% WB87.37[161] WM83[3]

  • C: I’m talking too much to take sufficient notes. I did observe that there were bumpy patches en-route that held this whisky back from reaching top tier marks, but it’s very decent malt with that desirable & recognisable O&R air about it. A chalky > metallic=blend-like finish.

Scores 87 points – the same score as last time as it turns out [WLP87], from a sample I purchased at the first Old & Rare Show in Glasgow in 2017.


Now I’m back at C. Dully’s stand. As well as trying their own blended malt earlier, I’d also bagged up two of their three Glenugie for more considered judgement at home. Namely:

Glenugie 1967:1989 Ob. Sherry Wood 59.5% [75cl].jpeg

  • Glenugie 1967/1989 Sesante Bird Label sherry wood 59.5% [750ml] WB93.35[59] WF95 WM93[6] tOMoH10/10
  • Glenugie 1966/1996 30yo SV cask #848 [180 bts] 58% WB91.67[30] WM91[3]

,.. and a few other things that found their way into my stash:

  • Fettercairn 1988/2019 30yo SV for C. Dully cask #2007 [btl #187/219] 56.9% WB88.88[38] WF89/WF88[angus]
  • Springbank 1990/2019 29yo Scoma ‘The Peat Bog’ cask #204 [239 bts] 47.5% [50cl] WB87.33[11]

Gavin has gone for the one Glenugie I hadn’t and allows me a wee snifter and a sip. “This is my first ever Glenugie”, I declare.

Glenugie 1973/2000 26yo SV Sherry cask #6542 [186 bts] 54.6% WB92.58[15]

Glenugie 1973:2000 27yo SV cask #6512 [124:186 bts] 54.6%.jpeg

  • C: Lovely nose, lovely palate. I don’t remember too much about the finish apart from it was husky, malty and well balanced. As a snapshot, this is one lovely [single cask] whisky I’d love to revisit with more appreciation one day.

Provisionally scores around 90 points


Also at Dully’s, Christian pours me a Littlemill.

Littlemill 1989:2012 23yo Glen Fahrn Airline Edition #16 cask #16215 [181 bts] 52.9%.jpegLittlemill 1989/2012 23yo Glen Fahrn Airline Edition #16 cask #16215 [181 bts] 52.9% WB86.38[31]

  • C: Christian declares “If you don’t like this, you don’t like Littlemill”. I do like Littlemill and this is an excellent example of one.

Scores 90 points


Still at Dully’s, which has quite the atmosphere around it. Can’t think why!

Tomatin 1978/2013 35yo Cadenhead Small Batch [594 bts] 44.1% WB90.13[117] WF91 tOMoH9/10 tWP85 BW

Tomatin cracked glass risse in der flasche.jpeg

This one arrived in the post [from TWE to Switzerland] marked ‘risse in der flasche’, translated as ‘crack in bottle’. This whisky has subsequently been promoted/advertised/reported as an exclusive/special ‘risse in der flasche’ bottling, so the story goes. Tasted blind:

Tomatin 1978:2013 35yo Cadenhead Small Batch [594 bts] 44.1%

  • N: Oh wow. With the cask talking, we’ve big sherry action [surely?], that brings an array of thoroughly stewed and fermenting fruits. Think fusty puttied chestnuts soaked in lightly tropically-aged boozy [rum-like] fruit punch. We are in ‘single cask 1988 Glenturret’ territory, also from Cadenhead’s [WLP88].
  • T: More of those singular cask-Glenturret vibes with the slightest aspirin note sealing the ‘likeness’ deal, yet the moderate savoury-sweetness remains with that underlying fungal note. Littlemill-esque putty vibes once again. So maybe it’s not sherry cask-matured after all.
  • F: Slightly muddled on the finish line, but we’ve been treated to a fine show.
  • C: A superb fruity bargain from Cadenhead’s. Tomatin was cooking in the ’70’s. Look out for them!

Scores 91 points


I could have ‘knocked it on the head’ at this point, but there was more to come. After all, it’s only once a year. Part 3[b] coming soon.





Old & Rare Show 2020

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