[Mini] Spotlight on: Lark

Lark distilleryContinuing to wade through my archived notes, I came across an impromptu session involving three cask samples from Lark distillery that I had bought at auction in 2016. I thought I’d introduce these samples to whisky pals, for the interest/curiosity, whilst at the 2018 Feis Ile. I can’t say they were received favourably.

Established in 1992 by whisky enthusiast Bill Lark, the Lark distillery claims to have produced ‘Tasmania’s first single malt whisky since 1839’. Further reading: larkdistillery.com. Like many contemporary distilleries, Lark is a producer of many spirits not just whisky.


Lark Single Malt Whisky Ob. ‘Small Cask Aged’ single cask #236 43% [5cl]


Lark distillery logo.png

  • N: With a pale green-ish hue, funny off-cream/milky notes and firm indications of flabby/flat maturation, this is not a great introduction to Lark whisky.
  • T: Not exactly unpleasant,…
  • F: ,… nor exactly joyous.
  • C: A similar taste profile to Hellyers [WLP].

Scores a near miss


Lark Single Malt whisky Ob. Small cask aged single cask #246 46% [5cl].jpegLark Single Malt Whisky Ob. ‘Small Cask Aged’ single cask #246 46% [5cl]

  • N: With a predominant and particular smell of synthetic/candy fruit sweets, I’d waged this has seen madeira cask maturation.
  • T: More synthetic candy sweetness.
  • F: Off-notes associated with those aforementioned confectionary sweets.
  • C: I’d imagine the kid within us may have liked it.

Scores a near miss


Lark 2011 Single Malt Whisky Ob. ‘Small Cask Aged’ port cask #143 43% [5cl] WB0

Reading Serge’s reports of Lark whisky would suggest port cask maturation suits Lark’s spirit very well: WF82, WF85 & WF86.

Lark 2011 Single Malt whisky Ob. Small cask aged single Port cask #143 43% [5cl] .jpeg

  • N: Tasted blind at first, this smells similar to refill oloroso cask matured whisky though there’s even more resemblant to straight cognac with its fusty fruity cough sweet profile. What’s certain is the cask legacy appears grape-based.
  • T: The [refill?] cask does all the talking but which type is it? Cognac, sauternes, madeira,….?
  • F: Sour grape, butterscotch and tablet, nice!
  • C: Though I can’t really taste the spirit, this port cask-led result is a good ‘un. It means however, I’ve still no idea of Lark’s distillery character for now.

Scores 85 points





Spotlight on Wick.jpeg




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