TWE Show 2019: Chichibu

In 2019, there were four new Chichibu additions to try since last year’s fine exhibits [WLP]. Like many, I’m a Chichibu fan not a fanatic, so don’t go expecting overly-high scores.


Chichibu London Edition 2019 Ob. Ichiro’s Malt [btl #1795/1405] 48.5% WB88.59[33]

Chichibu London Edition 2019 Ob. [btl #1795:1405] 48.5%.jpeg

  • C: I’d never have guessed the relatively high abv. Effortlessly barley-faithful [naturally], with an unusual-yet-familiar profile,… what is this? Stout, of course! Last year’s Imperial stout cask #3537 was rather fabulous [WLP90].

Scores 86 points


Chichibu On The Way [2019] Ob. Ichiro’s Malt [11000 bts] 51.5% WB88.40[7]Chichibu On The Way 2019 Ob. abv unknown.jpeg

This maybe the last ‘On The Way’, as next year Chichibu turns 10!

  • C: Apparently, this is very much the house style. Very nice.

Scores 84 points


Chichibu 2011/2019 Ob. TWE 20th Anniversary Coedonado beer cask #3301 59.2% WB89.33[5]

Chichibu 2011:2019 Ob. Coedonado Beer cask #3301 59.2%.jpeg

I’m told cask #3301 previously held soya bean beer.

  • N: Wasabi/mustard spiciness.
  • T: Controlled wasabi~whisky. I like!
  • F: A spicy wasabi chew, totally controlled. Concludes with a wasabi hum.
  • C: When I think of Chichibu, I think mastery of control. Superbly unique result.

Scores 84 points


Chichibu 2012/2019 Ob. ‘TWE 20th Anniversary’ Refill hogshead #2089 60.8% WB88.75[4]Chichibu 2012:2019 Ob. 'TWE 20th Anniversary' Refill hogshead #2089 60.8%.jpeg

We finish with a peated Chichibu.

  • C: I can’t fault this lovely dry smoky whisky with a ‘maturity beyond it’s years’, another quality I associate with Chichibu.

Scores 87 points






Books TWE Show 2019.jpg


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