TWE Show 2019: V&M & BBR

More taste experiences from TWE Show 2019. Today, three whiskies from new independent bottler Valinch & Mallet and five from the old guard, Berry Bros. & Rudd.

Valinch and Mallet.png

With a focus on single cask bottlings, Valinch & Mallet age and bottle whisky without chill-filtering and colour enhancement. Selecting whiskies that reflect distillery character over wood influence, most are left at cask strength.

Glenlossie 1993:2019 25yo V&M Lost Drams Collection cask #19-2501 [203 bts] 53.9%.jpg

Glenlossie 1993/2019 25yo V&M Lost Drams Collection cask #19-2501 [203 bts] 53.9% WB88.43[12]

  • C: Moderately astringent grainy straw/barley-led malt.

Scores 84 points


I’m told V&M follow sherry casks from their ‘sherried life’ before selecting and buying them for whisky maturation. Unfortunately, I only got to try bourbon-matured expressions at the show.

[Balvenie] Wardhead 1997:2019 21yo V&M Lost Drams Collection bourbon hogshead #19-2101 [339 bts] 54.8%.jpeg

[Balvenie] Wardhead 1997/2019 21yo V&M Lost Drams Collection bourbon hogshead #19-2101 [339 bts] 54.8% WB91.60[7] WFas90

  • C: Nothing particularly stood out, but this is a decent straight-ahead bourbon-cask matured malt nevertheless. Highly regarded amongst the whisky community too.

Scores 86 points


Auchroisk 1991:2019 27yo V&M Lost Drams Collection [293 bts] 48.7%.jpeg

Auchroisk 1991/2019 27yo V&M Lost Drams Collection [293 bts] 48.7% WB85.60[7]

All of these bottles are adorned with handmade copper plates and pewter labels.

  • C: I found all three releases a bit same-y. Similar to the Wardhead in the main, this is a distillate-driven, neutral/natural whisky.

Scores 84 points


Further reading:


With brief notes, we follow with five from BBR.

Glen Moray 2007:2019 11yo BBR bourbon cask #5768 57.1%.jpg

Glen Moray 2007/2019 11yo BBR bourbon cask #5768 57.1% WB88[2]

  • C: Soft edgy firm.

Scores 82 points


Linkwood 2006:2019 12yo BBR cask #102 46%.jpeg

Linkwood 2006/2019 12yo BBR cask #102 46% WB88[1]

  • C: This one possesses Linkwood’s well-known and desirably astringent, straight-shooting character.

Scores 84 points


[Highland Park] Orkney Islands 2000:2019 17yo BBR cask #3 56.4%.jpeg

[Highland Park] Orkney Islands 2000/2019 17yo BBR cask #3 56.4% WB88[1]

£78 for a 17yo single cask Highland Park. Very fair.

  • C: Decidedly lively, oniony-fresh peated straw/barley profile. Remains resolute.

Scores 86 points


Glenburgie 1989/2018 29yo BBR refill sherry butt #14087 46% WB85.25[7]

Glenburgie 1989:2018 29yo BBR refill sherry butt #14087 46%.jpg

  • N: Juicy & yeasty with hints of green olives, hazelnut shells and putty.
  • T: Beautifully fruity distillate on the nose and palate. Continues on course with juicy briny raisin juice. Did I mention the juiciness?
  • F: With a touch of chalkiness, it remains luscious to the last.
  • C: Aside from a few super-old expressions, this is the best Glenburgie I’ve had. Thankyou Johnnie.

Scores 88 points


Cambus 1991/2017 25yo BBR cask #061971 [555 bts] 57.1% WB87[2]

Cambus 1991:2017 25yo BBR cask #061971 [555 bts] 57.1%.jpeg

A grain after that superb Glenburgie? Good luck in the death seat!

  • N: Fruity glue.
  • T&F: Gluey fruity candles.
  • C: Death seat, what death seat? This Cambus spirit found one lovely cask.

Scores 87 points





TWE Show 2019

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