tOMoH: My Precious, Part 2/2

Carrying on from part 1, ‘My Precious’ #6 is our second blend of the day.

tOMoH My Precious

[The] Lost Distilleries Blend Batch 10 [2017] BlWC [1041 bts] 51% WB81.33[5] tOMoH8

I’ll never forget Batch 6. No, batch 5 – ha! [WB]. Everyone has their favourite.

Lost Distilleries Blend Batch 10 [2017] BlWC [1041 bts] 51%.jpg
[stock photo]
  • N: It’s certainly malt-driven I’m pleased to say with an oily start and lime & orange confectionary fruit segments. Overall it’s rather apprehensive however with quite some murkiness to wade through.
  • T: I find it susceptible to water yet just a few drops brings a fleeting vibrancy. Definitely needs holding on the tongue to bring out the finer fragments from the fragility.
  • F: Some spirity pepperiness for sure and some aromatic curry spices. Latterly, a curious heathery chew that concludes with a hint of Milk of Magnesia and burned malty peanut oil.
  • C: You have to commend the blending given those ageing/fading stocks. On paper you can understand the price tag, but £350 is a stretch for the overall result of this batch.

Scores 83 points


Clynelish 7/7/1997 20yo Woolf/Sung Ex-bourbon barrel 55.9% tOMoH8

Clynelish 7:7:1997 20yo Woolf:sung Ex-bourbon barrel 55.9%.jpeg

  • N: This I like straight off the bat. Descriptors included coconut, pineapples, lemon citrus, un-pasteurised milk, pleasing husky Weetabix, a touch of fusty waxiness,… you get the picture – solid breakfast juice!
  • T: Pow! Comes in strong and thankfully swims with ease. Rather than adding water however, this would work great with my Hogmanay Balmenach [WB]. Wish I’d tried it. Ticks along chewy honeyed-sweet barley lines, a touch fatty in the middle.
  • F: True to the end and chewy indeed.
  • C: As Gaija remarked, an example of a more astringent Clynelish. A good example.

Scores 86 points


Bowmore 2001/2016 14yo SMWS 3.284 Salt and Smoke [186 bts] 56.7% WB86[5] tOMoH9

I have had this before [back in 2016], but didn’t realise it at the time. It seems very different in today’s context.

Bowmore 2001:2016 14yo SMWS 3.284 Salt and Smoke [186 bts] 56.7%.jpeg

  • N: Violets, sweet pea, lavender, grandmas soap, Parma ham, a touch of cigarette ash, model train engine oiliness, sage, diesel oil, rock cakes, a healthy sweet farminess, rose water, orange oil, [tOMoH inspired]-mango juice.,,,,,
  • T: Whilst the nose trumps all, the best of the rest is about the form that glides from one taste centre to another. Arrives and pleasingly delivers as expected, fairly salty at first, oily too with land fruits into fruits de mer [samphire], and back to savoury tropical fruits again before bursting with salivating barley juice. Holds up well when held in the mouth. On the turn, firm smoked oil, some scorched nut shells,…
  • F: ,… into a floral meaty ashiness, water bringing even more ashiness and also muddiness. Overall I find this one clearer/better neat. Thankfully this Bowmore is perfectly floral enough without turning butyric.
  • C: Last time I tried this I concluded: ‘how about a re-rack into a 2nd or 3rd refill cask?’, imagining that the extra ageing may elevate the decent palate and bridge the gap between it and that very fine nose. Easily one more point today, mainly for that superb nose.

Scores 88 points


Another ‘gold’ coloured label continues the theme.

Caol Ila 1984/2018 34yo Cadenhead Single cask [162 bts] 57.6% WB91.05[39] tOMoH9

Caol Ila 1984:2018 34yo Cadenhead Single cask [162 bts] 57.6%.jpeg

  • N: This one’s a bit special. Initially, nutty and smoky with a hint of pickled sweetness. On opening up, I’m loving this for its particular & delicious boozy smoky >farmy > herbal squidgy sweetness, aged/softened to a commanding hush.
  • T: The softest 57.6% abv arrival [following on from the SMWS bottling], but then again this is marked as 0.9% stronger. Like the 1965 Springbank [WLP], the years & cask have been kind & rewarding. Nom nom.
  • F: A salivating buttery smokiness, a liquorice tincture-y-ness and a punchy/spicy hollow freshness [like sucking through a straw hollowness]. Eventually after a long & gentle unravel, we’ve a Smarties casing barley sugar conclusion with smoky butter cream. A touch bitter at the death.
  • C: A lovely lovely cask.

Scores 90 points


A bonus/night cap dram? Why not!

Caledonian 1987/2016 28yo Cadenhead single cask bourbon hogshead [246 bts] 52.3% WB85.64[13] WF82 tOMoH8

Tasted blind.

Caledonian 1987:2016 28yo Cadenhead single cask bourbon hogshead [246 bts] 52.3%.jpeg

  • N: Clearly a grain. I guess an older bourbon-cask Port Dundas. Struggling with the rum-like column-y profile & strength at first, every minute revealing more of an underlying complexity.
  • T: For sure it’s a grain and a calm one despite the strength, one that provides a steady ride. Far creamier and fruitier with water.
  • F: It soon lifts off which tells you how affirming the palate has been. I note fruity vanilla and cola notes at the death, but my palate is rather over-exerted at this point.
  • C: Hard to fault, so I wont.

Scores 84 points


With many thanks to tOMoH & JS et al.






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