tOMoH: My Precious, Part 1/2

When was my last ‘Old Man of Huy’ jaunt? Over a year ago [WLP], shocking! As we near the end of the summer [2019], my diary afforded me a day trip to the big smoke for a whisky-filled sunny Sunday. Today’s theme was ‘My Precious’.

tOMoH My Precious.jpeg

We start with a gold-bound, capped & labelled old Dimple.

Dimple Old Blended Scotch Whisky [1960’s/70’s] Ob. 70 proof [26 2/3 fl. ozs.] WB? tOMoH8

Dimple Old Blended Scotch Whisky [1960’s:70’s].jpeg

  • N: A low OBE-levelled nutty honeyed malt with a savoury=sweet pong and soft dried herbal action underlying.
  • T: A pleasing soft and consolidated slightly bitter arrival, soon becoming more malty,….
  • F: ,.. heathery, honeyed, grainy & malty with faint dusty hints of ash & soot.
  • C: Another decent example of a bygone era blend. Never a chore, always a pleasure.

Scores 84 points


Next up was my first offering, a 1980/[1999] Hog’money’ Balmenach [WB0]. A full bottle review will follow in due course. We shall skip this for now and move onto the next in line, a ‘Golden’ Arran distilled in 1999.

Arran 1999/2012 12yo Ob. [Icons of Arran #4:] The Golden Eagle [6000 bts] 46% WB84.56[101] WF83 tOMoH8

Arran 1999:2012 12yo Ob. Icons of Arran #4 The Golden Eagle [6000 bts] 46%.jpeg

  • N: We start with an instantly pleasing confectionary & ripe fruit basket alongside a well balanced malty=oaked-aged bed. Not dissimilar to some Bruichladdich in style perhaps?
  • T: Hearty tasty body with a steady travel.
  • F: Lovely natural chew on the usual suspects.
  • C: Very likeable. I’ve a soft spot for these dependable drinkers.

Scores 85 points


Cragganmore 2003/2018 14yo SMWS 37.107 Running Through a Field of Wheat [245 bts] 60.7% WB83[2] tOMoH7

Cragganmore 2003:2018 14yo SMWS 37.107 Running Through a Field of Wheat [245 bts] 60.7%.jpeg

An ode to Theresa May’s gangster past I’m told. With regards to today’s theme, the reference harks to ‘Fields of Gold’. I was too busy chatting to make notes. There were some particulars but all I noted [typed] was a brief summary:

  • C: A firm & sustaining creamy sweet fruity malty < cask-y, everyday drinker. Ideal hip flask juice.

Scores 84 points


Next up, an old ‘Jewel’ from the Old Man’s treasury.

Springbank 1965/2002 Lombard Jewels of Scotland 46% WB92.06[72] WM87[3] tOMoH19 tOMoH210

Springbank 1965:2002 Lombard Jewels of Scotland 46%.jpeg

  • N: With a luring murky sweetness overall, we’ve any number of waxy dusty garage notes and condensed fruits. I have less time than this one deserves but can’t wait to try it.
  • T: A sublimely concentrated fruit hit, sweet, soft, condensed and oaky with a herbal/spearmint chewing gum note [only hinting at medicinal].
  • F: Surprisingly big on vanilla [though nothing like today’s bourbon monsters], before Springbank’s signatory ashiness and sugar barley finish. It lifts off thereafter.
  • C: A classic Springbank. Not dissimilar to contemporary releases but those years have been very kind. A jewel indeed!

Scores 92 points


I offer up a SMWS ‘Coin’ac, a Claxton’s ‘Bureau de Change-Cambio’-Cambus and a ‘Diamond’ Port Mourant rum. Full bottle reviews for those three will follow some time in the future. For my purposes, we move past these for now and to the next – a ‘Platinum’ Longmorn no less.


Longmorn 1985/2015 29yo HL O&R A Platinum Selection Single cask [251 bts] 51.9% [750ml] WB85[1] tOMoH8

Longmorn 1985:2015 29yo HL O&R Single cask [251 bts] 51.9% [750ml].jpeg

  • N: Modest yet agreeable beginnings. Fruits, malty fruits, dry ripe coconut and a touch of lime is all I found openly available at the time.
  • T: Initially feels even stronger than the 55.9% Diamond rum. It settles down a touch but its still a bit narrow, punchy and malty > fruity [citrus] > cocoa powder,.. I treasure hunt ensues but the rewards are sparse.
  • F: Finishes citrus-sweet with > savoury waxy/buttery putty.
  • C: A good whisky and score but I wanted so much more. Damn you, expectations!

Scores 85 points


Part 2 to follow tomorrow.




tOMoH Old Man of Huy.jpeg

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