The Cognac Show 2019: Whisky.Auction

I finally arrive at the Whisky.Auction stand, one I’ve had my eye on for a few hours. For this year’s show, they’ve a fine array of old & very old cognac available on pour for tokens.


Hennessy 3 Star [1950s] Ob. 41% [72cl]

Hennessy 3 Star [1950s] Ob. 41% [72cl].jpeg

Recommended as a fine example of cognac from yesteryear and sportily described by Isabel [when prompted] as ‘a gateway cognac’.

  • C: So those miniatures I’d previously procured and tried from the 1950’s [WLP], did add up. This example is also well OBE’d cognac, bitter-ish, faded and slightly heathery at the tail but still showing its qualities of a bygone age. What to score? – I’m still very much a novice with cognac.

Let’s say around 85/84 points.


And now for something rather extraordinary.

Croizet & Co. 1811 [1940/50s] Reserve Royale Ob. Grande & Petite Champagne 39%

Roberto [from] pours Luis [from whiskyauctioneer], a cognac from 1811. Though we are aware it’s not exactly in perfect shape, Luis & I decide its worth the 8 tokens for the thrill of it. It’s the oldest spirit I’ve ever tried by some 41 years. Visit to view a more intact bottle via a roll on/bottle spin viewing experience, technology might want to consider migrating too. tells us: ‘A blend of Grand Champagne en Petit Champagne. The age statement Réserve Royale positions it in terms of maturation in between XO Age Inconnu and Réserve des Héritiers. We estimate that this Cognac, harvested in 1811 (Comet Vintage), is likely to be aged 15 to 25 years and then stored in a Demijohn before it was blended and bottled‘.

Croizet & Co. 1811 [1940:50s] Reserve Royale Ob. Grande & Petite Champagne 39%.jpeg

  • N: The previous pineau I had [WLP] really lingers. At 39% abv [and inevitably far lower by now], this is understandably very thin yet still up for it, sort of.
  • T: Carrying on from the Hennessy, even more bitters come out to play. Of course it’s dusty and faded yet incredibly there’s still a little life in the old boy, the alcohol molecules still just about holding on in there. I also pick up an unusual milkiness.
  • F: Really grapey and then heathery at the end but I’m certain those previous pineau’s really helped aid a sweet sustaining conclusion.
  • C: Amazingly intact given the, erm,.. centuries!

Scores, crikey,… 86 points!?





cognac show 2019

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