The Cognac Show 2019: Bourgoin

Bourgoin photosLate on the second day of the show, Bourgoin was recommended to me by top sources. With limited time, this is only my first fleeting impression of a micro house making waves with their unadulterated single estate cognac.

Made on the family farm in the village of Tarsac, Bourgoin’s natural cognacs are “,… unassembled, unsweetened, uncolored and unfiltered. My cognacs are only made of distilled rainwater, and my racking is always made in quadrature of the moon in order to benefit from the fluid mechanics“.

Serge: “We’re very far from the commercial caramelised Cognacs”.


Bourgoin Brut De Fut 1994 55.3% [35cl].jpeg

Bourgoin 1994 Brut De Fut Ob. 55.3% [35cl]

  • C: What a treat to be trying unadulterated CS cognac for the first time. The mouthfeel alone sets this apart.

[not scored]


Bourgoin Raisin Eau de vie [2017] Ob. Double Zero 38%.jpeg

Bourgoin Raisin Eau de vie [2017] Ob. Double Zero 38%

  • C: “Pisco“, says Mademoiselle Bourgoin. Indeed, metallic grape juice. Yum!

[not scored]


Bourgoin Verseau [2019] Ob. 45%

Bourgoin Verseau [2019] Ob. 45%.jpeg

  • N: Yeasty, beer-like, plenty of lees,… reminiscent of James Eadie’s Trade Mark X [WLP87].
  • T&F: Solid/straight/no gimmicks juice that’s impossible to criticise or dislike.
  • C: Fab. Gimme more!

[not scored]


Another aperitif as a digestif. It’s time for another Pineau des Charentes, my third after VT’s pair [WLP].

Bourgoin Pineau des Charentes [2019] Ob. 17% [75cl]

Bourgoin Pineau 17% [75cl] 2.jpeg

FQ says [with a Google translation]: ‘Pineau des Charentes is making a revolution! Bourgoin Pineau is made from a blend of Ugni white grape must and fine wood cognac. Refreshing, this Pineau des Charentes white will surprise you with its freshness, its lightness and notes of red apricot Roussillon. The mutage is carried out after a slight start of fermentation, followed by a 12-month aging in red casks containing old cognacs, followed by an inert tank inversion for 4 years. Remarkable acidity, unrivaled in the mouth. Drink fresh and in good company. Natural fructose of ugni white, ideal as a sweet base for cocktails. Bourgoin Pineau = – sugars – tannins + freshness and fruity notes of red apricot‘.

  • N: Whoa – wash, wort and coppery vibes. Comment?
  • T&F: The character of the nose doesn’t reveal the fructose sweetness to come, but those whisky-esque production notes do come back more faithfully at the end for a sour sweet conclusion.
  • C: When you’re tuned in to cognac, pineau seems so utterly left field, like Sake might after Stella Artois or even an IPA. This mad-fun & extraordinary juice would seem an ideal gateway tipple towards the appreciation of spirits me thinks. Going to have to get me a bottle or two.

[not scored]


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Bourgoin cognac flight.jpeg

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