SMWS: July Outturn 2019

I don’t get to the Greville Street SMWS as much is I’d like, but after the Stauning Virtual Reality Tour [WLP], and before work, I managed it. Here’s six from July’s outturn with one bonus extra.


Caledonian 1984 33yo SMWS 3.10 The Lady Varnishes [254 bts] 58.4% WB86.67[5] PS4.5/5

Caledonian 1984 33yo SMWS G3.10 The Lady Varnishes [254 bts] 58.4%.jpeg

  • N: I haven’t had a grain for a while, let alone one I like. This one’s really likeable.
  • T: A rich-yet-clean, vanilla-ey & honeyed straight shooter. Get some water in for the complimentary mouthfeel.
  • F: A sour-sweet buckwheat paste chew.
  • C: A faultless start.

Scores 87 points


Longmorn 1993 25yo SMWS 7.218 Volla Une Grande Dame [245 bts] 52.1% WB88[1] PS4/5

Longmorn 1993 25yo SMWS 7.218 Volla une Grande Dame [245 bts] 52.1%.jpeg

  • N: This is my desert island style of dram – an effortlessly pleasurable floral > fruity whisky from an ex-refill bourbon cask.
  • T: Aged light-soft-fresh with an underlying dunnage-y damp sourness and a fruity putty base.
  • F: Some cinnamon [PS] in the background is brought on by water, but overall I find the finish fairly long, calm and weightily fungal.
  • C: Excellent. I’d like a bottle please.

Scores 88 points


Glenlossie 1992 25yo SMWS 46.71 Ginger & Jelly Sweets [260 bts] 52.9% WB0 Dramble88

Glenlossie 1992 25yo SMWS 46.71 Ginger & Jelly Sweets [260 bts] 52.9%.jpeg

  • N: Another wonderfully aged dram that’s more concentrated/closer than the Longmorn though there are plenty of shared similarities. Though it’s never woody, we’ve more the straight smell of oak and cask-associated notes than the previous floaty/care-free floral-fruity number.
  • T: More of that closeness like I’m sat inside the cask, though it’s still not that woody – just I had to work a bit harder in comparison to the Longmorn.
  • F: Ok, it’s just a little woody/stiff by the end, but I’m quibbling.
  • C: Same calibre as the Longmorn [and a 25yo Cadenhead’s Glen Grant I’m currently enjoying]. The rest is down to personal preference.

Scores 88 points


Why not a temporary detour from malt? I hear good things about the rums.

SMWS R8.6 Nicaragua 1998 19yo WD40 Dunderfunk 68.9%

  • C: The title says it all whilst the SMWS tasting notes skilfully provide the detail. With multifariousness also comes poise & finesse. Yum single cask rum that offers a great deal for £85.

Scores 88 points


SMWS R2.8 Guyana 2003 15yo Out of your Comfort Zone 58.3% SMWS

SMWS R2.8 Guyana 2003 15yo Out of your Comfort Zone 58.3%.jpeg

  • N: Crazy/fabulous, abv-high quality distillate-led yet soft  spirity-wine-pongy-funk with Fimo/plastics.
  • T: Weird & extraordinary earthen tones, hinting at toe nail crud which thankfully disappears before it’s realised. The travel speaks of a highly pongy spirit with the added quality of the barrique bizarre. I experience new & wonderful flavour combos that I’ve never before tasted nor ever associated.
  • F: Somehow the spirit funk is rounded off by the barrique cask with a fabulously natural & long grape-y finish,… literally grapes – seeds, skin and the like.
  • C: Did I mention its craziness? Scores, erm no idea.

Let’s say 87 precedential points


Good detour that. Back to whisky for the home run.

Glen Ord 1992 26yo SMWS 77.51 Flower Power Shower [160 bts] 46.9% WB89[5] PS4/5

Glen Ord 1992 26yo SMWS 77.51 Flower Power Shower [160 bts] 46.9%.jpeg

  • N: Yet another easily pleasing desert island dram and the most floral of the lot.
  • T: We are in the same ball park as the Longmorn & Glenlossie, namely soft sweet floral honeyed dunnage-y aged joy.
  • F: Sweet fungal, then with a slightly congealed oil finish.
  • C: Just lovely. Same ballpark once again for slightly different reasons.

Scores 88 points


One for the road.

Macallan 1977 30yo SMWS 24.137 The French Polisher’s Delight [169 bts] 41.1%.jpeg

Macallan 1988 30yo SMWS 24.137 The French Polisher’s Delight [169 bts] 41.1% WB93[1] Dramble92

  • N: Without expectation nor any clouded subjectivity, I find a vibrant yet relaxed whisky to nose, and one at the peak of its life. As for descriptors, take your pick – there’s a myriad of flavours on offer. Something for everyone here.
  • T: All the honeys and all sorts elsewhere in every direction. Adding water tightens the form beautifully but I prefer it neat. The abv, despite being on the low-side, is never in question.
  • F: Form-wise, it continues to release flavours one by one as if a bounty of wonderful tasty things are steadily passing by us on a fantastical conveyor belt for our amusement & delight.
  • C: Priced at a fair at-cost £40 for a dram, this is darn good whisky with delectable detail and delivery.

Easily scores 92 points [+]


I must come more often!










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