Cadenhead’s Warehouse tasting: ‘Battle of the Brands’, Part 2/2

Following on from Part 1:

Aberfeldy 1995/2018 22yo Cadenhead Jenna’s Choice 52.2% WB86.93[16] tOMoH6/10

Jenna introduces her personal choice whisky, an Aberfeldy. Mark pipes up with, “I challenge anyone to flip a bottle of Aberfeldy!

Cadenhead whisky.jpeg

  • N: Deliciously light, sweet floral & bourbon-floral [rose water, lilies, crocus]. Auchentoshan meets > Brora?
  • T: That is one squidgy, light malty arrival with a light raisiny & decidedly subtle coppery travel. Follows through straight yet squidgy,….
  • F: ,… finishing with slightly industrial coppery barley notes and just a little more squidge.
  • C: Lovely if rather grating towards the end. Still, super campfire fodder.

Scores 84 points


Bowmore 2001/2018 17yo Cadenhead ‘Cameron’s Choice’ hogshead 54.3% WB89.92[51] tOMoH8/10

What do you think of this one?”, asks Cameron. I gauged a solid & considered applause from at least 50% of the audience, but I reckon most already want a bottle before they’ve even properly tried it.

  • N: Hugely potent and floral, possessing a little smoke, a vibrant bunch of violets, cubed ginger, quince jelly, sweet olive oil/sewing machine oil,… This rocks!
  • T: Delivers too, at first. Lots of smoke, violets, savoury-sweet veg, fruits, flora n fauna…..
  • F: Turns a touch meaty > coppery with dried flowers and metallic herbal bitter. 


  • C: It seems that just about everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and is queueing for the Bowmore. I leave the warehouse and sit on a grassy knoll under the blazing sun, whilst reflecting on the Glenturret [and that peated English in Part 1]. Despite playing a tipsy Bah Humbug role, an hour later I have joined the queue that has almost disappeared, along with the whisky, save for a handful of people and the last swishes of a hogshead. The cask is very low but I manage to procure a bottle. There was no chance of me flipping it as I’d forgotten [in my stupor] to get it bottle-sealed. So, why did I buy this? For the violets! Isn’t that one of THE distinctive distillery character notes of yesteryear, and so perhaps this is a new/contemporary Bowmore masterpiece? Whisky sure does go to my head, and boy is it fun!

Scores 87 points




I see tOMoH also siting on the knoll, pouring! I claim didn’t I see him at the tasting, but photographic evidence would prove otherwise:


[Balvenie-Glenlivet] Balvenie 1979/1992 12yo Cadenhead’s Authentic Collection 59.5% WB0 WF78 WM84[1] tOMoH8 Blog187

Balvenie 1979:1992 12yo Cadenhead’s Authentic Collection 59.5%.jpeg

  • N: I love Balvenie, so I wonder why I rarely buy/drink it. Maybe it’s like why Londoner’s never visit the Crown Jewels, because they’re there. This is fluffy-ish, gentle-rich, dried tropical fruit barley juice, aged two ways – in cask & glass. The punch is ridiculous and having dry/chapped lips doesn’t help.
  • T: There’s no arguing the provenance. Add water for more consolidated/ideally married, tincture-like barley=oak sugar richness.
  • F: Sings effortlessly, finishing with yet more tropical fruits, dried or otherwise.
  • C: I’ve also tried this one before [Blog87]. In today’s context, it’s the best whisky of the day, and it’s been a whisky-packed day indeed. When 12yo’s are like this,…

Scores 89 points


Campbeltown Commemoration 1879-1923 Ardlussa 12yo Eaglesome 40% [5cl].jpeg

Campbeltown Commemoration 1879-1923 Ardlussa 12yo Eaglesome 40% [5cl] WB82[1] tOMoH8/10 lostdistillery WS

C: Another cracking dram and not far off the Balvenie, except it’s slightly younger, fresher and not as rich. Thanks to tOMoH once again.

Scores a hugely decent 86.



That wraps up my Campbeltown festival 2018. We’re off to Islay next, with more blasts from the past!





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