[One of] tOMoH’s After Party’s



One night last May, I found myself at the temporary abode of tOMoH & JS, following on from an action-packed day and evening:

I tasted the whiskies below half blind [amazingly not yet drunk], gathering the finer details at the end. Notes for this session were relaxed.


Campbeltown Commemoration 1844-1923 Burnside 12yo [1985] Eaglesome 40% [5cl] WB89[1] tOMoH7/10

Campbeltown Commemoration 1844-1923 Burnside 12yo [1985] Eaglesome 40%.jpeg

I’ve always wondered why these miniatures get overlooked at auction, and then stumbled across this: ‘,… this series was produced in 1985 It does not purport to contain whisky from the named distillery. The contents are incidental & not intended for consumptionworthpoint.com. All the more for us then!

  • N: This isn’t tea-spooned Balvenie, the name relates to the old Burnside distillery in Campbeltown, established in 1825. In actual fact it smells more like a Clynelish.
  • T: Clynelish confirmed on the palate too.
  • F: Lime cubes and coal smoke is all I noted.
  • C: I love this. Further reading: lostdistillery.com.

Scores 88 points

Burnside distillery back.jpeg
The old Burnside Distillery, a creamery since 1919


Campbeltown Commemoration 1844-1923 Argyll 12yo Eaglesome 40% [5cl] WB94[1] tOMoH7/10

Bottled as a tribute to the old Campbeltown distilleries, I noted Henley Wright as someone connected with these replicate vatted malts – tOMoH?

Campbeltown Commemoration 1844-1923 Argyll 12yo Eaglesome 40%.jpeg

  • N: O&R vibes, fruit candy, fruit bar juice?, some grist, a lovely fustiness, glue, ppm hints,…
  • T: Big-to-light Lochside-esque style spirit with smokey hints – unless it’s those Longrow’s from 8-9 hours ago?
  • F: The nose & arrival suggests an older spirit, yet the finish demonstrates otherwise.
  • C: Old then young. Further reading: lostdistillery.com.

Scores 85 points


Argyll distillery inside out.jpeg
The old Argyll Distillery, inside out [2018]

Loch Lomond 1984/2017 33yo cask #13287 [120 bts] 47.9% WB88.50[30] tOMoH8/10

A photocopied label decorates the sample bottle. A nice touch.

Loch Lomond 1984:2017 33yo cask #13287 [120 bts] 47.9%.jpeg

  • N: Dense nutty putty fusty shortbread. 
  • T: Sweetish putty & hay.
  • F: A short finish on honeyed putty.
  • C: I wrote “Three men in a boat”, but can’t tell you or remember why. It was a filthy fun night.

From memory, I scored it around 87.


Glentauchers 1976/2017 41yo Cadenhead Authentic Collection bourbon HHD CS [126 bts] 42% WB91.27[17] WF91 tOMoH9/10

Another sample bottle decorated with a photocopied label, just what I used to do with my audio tapes.

Glentauchers 1976:2017 41yo Cadenhead Authentic Collection bourbon HHD CS [126 bts] 42%.jpeg

  • N: An oozing fruit pie served with more ripe, very ripe soft fruits. 
  • T: Same beautiful qualities.
  • F: Bitter oily/waxy with liquorice hints.
  • C: Top dollar though water drowns it. My scoring ranged from 88 to 90+.

Scores 90 points


Glencadam 1964/1979 14yo Cadenhead 45.7 GL/80 proof [75cl] WB87.75[4] WF86 tOMoH9/10

Glencadam 1964:1979 14yo Cadenhead 45.7 GL:80 proof [75cl].jpeg

  • N: Dunnage fruits personified.
  • T: Unsurprising spirity given we followed a 41yo with 14. Evolves on a bone-dry sweet grapefruit fruitiness.
  • F: Sweet dry grapefruit,…
  • C: Context is everything. Despite my scant notes, this is a hugely pleasing malt in its entirety. We peak as hysterics set in.

Scores 89 points


Lochside 1964/2015 48yo Cooper’s Choice Sherry cask #6799 [540 bts] 41.2% WB89.44[68] tOMoH[n/a]

Lochside 1964:2015 48yo Cooper’s Choice Sherry cask #6799 [540 bts] 41.2%.jpeg

  • N: Now in the wee small hours, I realise I’ve been taking notes since 10am and know I’m not in the best state to receive such a grand oldie. Hey ho! This one speaks of a scented wax candle, bananas, cedar wood, pine needles,… 
  • T: A lovely, light yet oaky peppery rum-like distillate arrival and movement toward a light body with a little char.
  • F: Waxy banana is all I noted.
  • C: I found this a little lacking in comparison to the Glencadam, but we are all struggling with energy after a long long day. [Check out Bishlouk’s notes on WB]. It’s time for bed.

Scores 87 points


With thanks as ever to tOMoH & co.





Campbeltown harbour
Campbeltown harbour 2018


4 thoughts on “[One of] tOMoH’s After Party’s

  1. “I noted Henley Wright as someone connected with these replicate vatted malts”

    Hedley Wright is the owner of Springbank, and the mastermind behind this. Despite what that worthpoint.com link says, I hear from a reliable source that the contents are indeed meant to replicate the original juices. More words here:

    What a cracking night this was. 🙂


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