TWE Whisky Show: Closed Distilleries

Technically Brora & Port Ellen are due to re-open, but as they haven’t just yet, let’s include them alongside a bunch of totally closed crackers.


Brora 1982 22yo DL OMC #313 [644 bts] 50%.jpg

Brora 1982/2004 22yo DL OMC #313 [644 bts] 50% WB86.76[19] WF84 WM83[3]

  • C: I was kindly offered this rarity in the Whisky Show queue, compliments again of Phil. The body reveals a strange creamy fruitiness with plenty of sulphury raisins, on the finish particularly. We all loved the nose.

Scores 84 points


Caperdonich 1972 37yo DT Rare Auld cask #6735 [btl #90:180] 51.4%.jpg

Caperdonich 1972/2010 37yo DT Rare Auld cask #6735 [btl #90/180] 51.4% WB90.37[51]

  • N: Delicious squidgy-dry fruity malt.
  • T: A full, full full barley body with a squidgy-dry mouthfeel to boot. 
  • F: There’s some herbal action after a lovely long sweet travel.
  • C: This will be one of the standout whiskies of the show, and we’re only two in.

Scores 91 points


Pittyvaich 1989/2015 25yo ‘Limited Release’ [5922 bts] 49.9% WB88.35[102] WF85 Blog84

Stock photo

Also tried in the queue [of the Whisky Show], on day 2. I had this down at 84 points when I tried it along with Diageo’s other special releases in 2016. In today’s company, I find it far more seductive.

  • C: With a rich, firm-yet-delicate metallic character, I find it reminiscent of Diageo’s 1975 Glen Albyn [WB], that they released way back in 2002!

Scores 87 points


Littlemill 1988/2016 G&C Pearls cask #133 [btl #51/102] 59.5% WB91.19[18]

Littlemill 1988 G&C Pearls cask #133 [btl #51:102] 59.5%.jpg

  • N: Incredibly this is my third Littlemill of the show [notes to follow somewhere else, some other time], and profile-wise, it’s more of the same. That is, broad strokes of floral, cream & straw.
  • T: This distillery character continues with a thick straw-barley, savoury-sweet sour-milky character. 
  • F: Like the previous two, whilst great out on the ‘front 9’, they don’t quite last the distance.
  • C: That said, this is still excellent juice.

Scores 89 points


Port Ellen 1982/2018 35yo SV cask #2040 [btl #567/567] 55.1% WB93.67[3] tOMoH8/10

Port Ellen 1982 35yo SV cask #2040 [btl #567:567] 55.1%.jpg

  • N: This is not your archetypal Port Ellen, but it’s certainly an Islay through & through. With it’s natural smoked barley profile & herbal shortbread notes, let’s say it’s rather more [Bruichladdich]<Kilchoman-esque with a splash of Laphroaig. Maybe Kilchoman will become more Port Ellen-esque as the decades roll on? Let’s hope so.
  • T: This is strong/firm juice with an arrival of many oils and some herbal tinctures. Subsequent chewing leads to a super development on more tinctures & garage oils. I’d never have guessed this was from a sherry butt.
  • F: There’s some minerality, but we’re mainly talking of a petroleum oil slick with a coastal touch and a pinch of salt, finishing more medicinal at the death.
  • C: One that didn’t wow me as much as other PE’s have done in the past, but really lovely stuff nevertheless.

Scores 90 points


[Ladyburn] Rare Ayrshire 1974/2018 44yo SV cask #2606 [btl #12/122] 53% WB95.11[11] WF93

[Ladyburn] Rare Ayrshire 1974 44yo SV cask #2606 [btl #12:122] 53%.jpg

  • N: A beautiful floral/bready number with particular notes of dill, stock cubes….. Oh you really must try this. Dram of the day/festival on the nose.
  • T: Water brings out the teak oils. The rest remains a subjective, emotional experience.
  • F: Fruity, tempered liquorice wood, oaky barley and sweet peppery joy. Unusual is it not, to find a positive peppery quality in whisky, and here is a perfect example.
  • C: With thanks to Des who poured me my first ever Rare Ayrshire at the first Old & Rare Show [blog]. Now priced at around £1500 I believe [double the price compared to not even two years ago], Des tells me this is Signatory’s last cask from Ladyburn. What a way to go!

Scores 92 points


North Port 1981/2018 36yo SV 30th Anniversary cask #1708 [btl #536/537] 57.2% WB92.33[5] WF92 tOMoH9/10

North Port 1981 36yo SV 30th Anniversary cask #1708 [btl #536:537] 57.2%.jpg

Signatory’s Vintage bottle design still rocks! Thankyou to Des again, who has now poured me my second ever North Port.

  • N: This beautiful old fungal-y & yeasty spirit is fully intact.
  • T: Oh hello! Thin & delicate yet syrupy barley. De-licious!
  • F: Very clean,…. mineral,….. fugal,…..
  • C: This is equally cracking whisky. Happy days!

Scores 92 points





Brora distillery

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