2 by 2: Dailuaine & Glentauchers


Dailuaine 2007:2018 10yo Hidden Spirits #DU718 [300 bts] 56.1%.jpgDailuaine 2007/2018 10yo Hidden Spirits #DU718 [300 bts] 56.1% WB86[7]

  • C: Dailuaine works a treat around 19-21 years in my experience, so this is a relatively young one. It’s fine on the nose but rather falls down thereafter. The Bowmore from Hidden Spirits [blog] is much more on the mark.

Scores 82 points


Dailuaine 1998/2018 19yo GM CC Batch #18/021 [670 bts] 46% WB86.20[12]

Dailuaine 1998:2018 19yo GM Batch #18:021 [670 bts] 46%.jpg

  • N: A moderately sweet, putty-ish and soapy start, but the soap note soon lifts to become more floral soon after.
  • T: With more putty-malt action, it’s soapy again, but water totally sorts that out.
  • F: Short and a little waxy, concluding with deep putty/buckwheat paste roots.
  • C: Neat: 82/83, yet 86 points with water.

Scores 86 points



Glentauchers 2004/2018 GM Distillery labels 43% WB83[5]

Glentauchers 2004:2018 GM Distillery labels 43%.jpg

Like Balblair, ‘Glentauchers was also amongst those distilleries who utilised the emerging rail network around Scotland, building its own specific railway sidings into the distillery. Today, bottlings of this lighter style Speysider are very difficult to find and Gordon & MacPhail are one of the only companies to have consistently bottled this highly underrated malt since the 1990s.G&M

  • N: Confectionary, toffee, nuts and caramel on the nose.
  • T&F: True to form throughout.
  • C: G&M continue to present cracking stocks of Glentauchers year on year.

Scores 87 points


Glentauchers 1997/2018 20yo Elixir SMoS bourbon barrel #391 [204 bts] 51.3%

Glentauchers 20yo Elixir SMoS [204 bts] 61.3%:or 51.3 %.jpg

  • N: With floral malty vibes, there’s an aromatic peppery touch without any associated heat.
  • T: Aniseed-dry with a strong maltiness and a mild malt-freshness.
  • F: Fair.
  • C: A very frank expression.

Scores 85 points


That’s all for today. More pairs to follow tomorrow.





Barnacle geese at Loch Gruinard, Islay
Barnacle geese at Loch Gruinard, Islay


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