Sunday Night Smokers

For this chilly evening, four smokers – all tried at TWE Show.


Ardbeg 2000 18yo Elixir TWE Show 2018 [225 bts] 55.9%.jpg

Ardbeg 2000/2018 18yo Elixir TWE Show 2018 [225 bts] 55.9% WB92[4]

I didn’t really want to start smoking so early, but sometimes you have to catch them when you can.

  • C: Excellent whisky, though arguably no better than the brilliant standard 10. Price-wise however, you’re looking at 10 times the cost.

Scores 89 points


Ardmore 1997 20yo HL First Editions cask #15370 [258 bts] 54.1%.jpg

Ardmore 1997/2018 20yo HL First Editions cask #15370 [258 bts] 54.1%

  • C: Phil passes this to me whilst commenting “wrong time of day, great whisky”, and he ain’t wrong. The long complex finish reflects what’s gone before. Excellent stuff and a quarter of the price of the Ardbeg.

Scores 89 points


[Bruichladdich] Octomore 10yo [2018] TBWC Batch #2 [btl 891/1195] 48.8% WB86.25[4]

Octomore 10yo [2018] TBWC Batch #2 [btl 891:1195] 48.4%.jpg

  • N: It’s sweet! That’ll be the Sauternes cask[s] talking. It’s yeasty too and with clear notes of lemonade. So very Octomore thus far.
  • T: The tannic barley spirit arrival tells me it’s youthful, and I’m not sure there’s much weight behind the ten years it’s had.
  • F: Straight peated barley notes.
  • C: Aside from the nose, this could be a peated anything.

Scores 83 points


Laphroaig 20yo TBWC Batch #6 [btl #44:490] 49.9%.jpg

Laphroaig 20yo TBWC Batch #6 [btl #44/490] 49.9%

  • N: Imagine an age-relaxed, standard 10yo with notes of seaweed, pickled onions and hints of mezcal.
  • T&F: Malty & salty with a compacted sweet vegetal core.
  • C:. An excellent Laphy. I wonder how it would have faired with another 10 years?

Scores 88 points





Sunday Night Smokers

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