A Weekend Dozen

I repeatedly told myself I’d be more succinct with my notes at this year’s Whisky Exchange Show, giving me more time to enjoy the atmosphere and chat. Here’s the result:


Glen Moray 10yo TBWC Batch 2 48.6%

Glen Moray 10yo [2018] TBWC Batch 2 [btl #243/376] 48.6% [50cl]

  • C: 10 years is enough to showcase Glen Moray’s better side. It’s simply that the mainstream/supermarket releases are so utterly tempered. Solid.

Scores 87 points



Inchgower 2008 9yo DL Provenance cask #12028 [416 bts] 46%

Inchgower 2008/2017 9yo DL Provenance cask #12028 [416 bts] 46% WB0

  • C: This is a good example of [my perceived idea of] Inchgower’s house style, one I’ve described many times previously.

Scores 85 points


Deanston 2006/2018 11yo SV CS cask #900128 [btl #643/647] 64.7% WB0

Deanston 2006 11yo SV CS cask #900128 [btl #643:647] 64.7%.jpg

  • N: Potent, yeasty, banana-ey and emulsion-like, it flits between a rum and a malt with every whiff. 
  • T: Potent again with some butyric issues. Water has little effect.
  • F&C: Whilst I liked the nose, I’m over this before it concludes. I may revisit this another time.

Scores 83 points



Macduff 2000 18yo GM Batch #18:053 [cask #10050?] [217 bts] 58.4%.jpg

Macduff 2000/2018 18yo GM Batch #18/053 [cask #10050?] [217 bts] 58.4% WB0

  • N: Yeasty, oily pancakes.
  • T: More oily pancakes with some grainy=/oak? tannins.
  • F: Rugged and fusty end.
  • C: One of the best Macduff I’ve had, which means little, given I’ve only had six expressions before.

Scores 88 points



Glen Keith 1996 20yo HL OMC #13359 [726 bts] 50%.jpg

Glen Keith 1996/2017 20yo HL OMC #13359 [726 bts] 50% WB82.33[3]

  • C: Salted toffee nose with a sour citrus development and a metal-y finish – there! A good whisky this and notes as succinct as can be.

Scores 87 points



Auchentoshan 1996 21yo DL cask #12591 [191 bts] 51.5%.jpg

Auchentoshan 1996/2018 21yo DL cask #12591 [191 bts] 51.5%

  • N: More full-bodied than the lighter official releases.
  • T: Somewhat ‘blocky’, malty and sherried, with super-ripe bananas. 
  • F&C: [no notes].

Scores 84 points



[Arran] Lochranza 1996 21yo Nigel & Lynn Arnold’s cask 1511 50.2%.jpg

[Arran] Lochranza 1996/2018 21yo Nigel & Lynn Arnold’s cask #1511 50.2% WB0

  • N,T&F: Liquorice-sweet with earthy/dusty raisins and mineral butterscotch.
  • C: Very delicious, rather sweet, old-style, ‘no funny business’ malt.

Scores 87 points



Glenburgie 21yo [2018] GM Distillery labels 43%.jpg

Glenburgie 21yo [2018] GM Distillery labels 43% WB84.80[7]

  • N: A sweet malt with yeasty soft aromatic curry spices.
  • T&F: Same on the palate, with a decent length on form.
  • C: Very decent.

Scores 87 points



Mortlach 22yo Elixir SMoS Marriage cask 54.2%.jpg

Mortlach 22yo [2018] Elixir SMoS 54.2% WB86.33[5]

  • N: Sulphury sherry whiffs, which for Mortlach, isn’t a surprise nor a negative.
  • T: Big sherry action up front. Ticks on just fine.
  • F: More complexity shows at the end when the cask influence dies a little.
  • C: A commendable big-sherry number.

Scores 87 points



Auchroisk 1994/2018 24yo HL First Editions cask #15396 [275 bts] 48.3%

Auchroisk 1994 24yo HL First Editions cask #15396 [275 bts] 48.3%.jpg

  • N: A big, squidgy & fluffy barley/raisin number that, for 48.3%, is as soft as your softest pillow.
  • T: After such a soft & fluffy nose, surprisingly, the palate is on the edge of firm & dry.
  • F: Barley-led yet oak infused, it pulses with heat.
  • C: I’m up for this ballsy one.

Scores 87 points


Linkwood 1991 27yo Elixir SMoS cask #10340 [212 bts] 55.6%.jpg

Linkwood 1991/2018 27yo Elixir SMoS cask #10340 [212 bts] 55.6% WB87.33[3]

  • N: A soothing biscuit-sweet sugariness with no excessive oakiness just yet.
  • T: Water helps this along, as it’s somewhat biting and a little congested, with some butyric oakiness later on.
  • F: ,…. same same.
  • C: It’s pretty bracing, so it should make for an ideal hip-flask number.

Scores 86 points


Longmorn 1978 31yo Speciality Masterpieces [135 bts] 58%.jpg

Longmorn 1978/2010 31yo Speciality Masterpieces [135 bts] 58% WB91.36[16] WF89

Regarding Longmorn, The Old Man of Huy shares a few interesting insights in this piece: tOMoH.

  • C: Bingo! Speciality find another cracker.

Scores 91 points






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