World Whiskies: An International spotlight from TWE Show 2018

A small international batch of whiskies from Ireland, Wales, England, America & Japan, ordered for theatrical & thematic impact.


Dingle Batch 3 [2018] Ob. [btl #01277/12000] 46.5% WB79.60[7]

Dingle batch 3.jpg

Established in 2012, Dingle is purporting to be Ireland’s first artisan distillery. This bottling is a marriage of 75% bourbon & 25% port casks, but that won’t necessarily reflect the signature recipe/makeup/style of Dingle long-term as they are still experimenting with their ratios.

  • N&T: It’s young and clean. Nothing stands or sticks out. 
  • F: Dies off soon enough.
  • C: It is the case that many of the newer distilleries are making very decent yet extremely neutral spirit, a position that relies heavily/solely on cask management/activity to transform the juice into something greater. As I always seem to be saying, “time will tell”.

Scores 75 points


Penderyn Rich Oak [2017] Ob. Batch 3 [1349 bts] 50%

Penderyn Rich Oak.jpg

I have a soft spot for Penderyn though mainly for their standard Aur Cymru expressions I discovered for myself in the noughties. I tried Penderyn’s 2016’s Rich Oak last year [Blog], and found it to be “a fun one”. This batch is a marriage of 5 casks, mostly bourbon, all finished in STR casks.

  • N: Confectionary candy drops set the tone.
  • T: More confectionary, some yeastiness, an almond sweetness and a small slice of Million Dollar Cake.
  • F: Short.
  • C: It’s unfair of me to have pitted this up after the Balblair 1969 [WB]. Regardless, it’s [still] very fun.

Scores 79 points


English Whisky Co. The Norfolk ‘Parched’ [2017] Ob. Batch 01/2017 [2034 bts] 45% [50cl] WB73[1]

EWC The Norfolf Parched.jpg

On the label is stated ‘vintage single cask’. I assume this means a cask type from one year given there are 2034 bottles?

  • N: Youthful, full, fresh and soft distillate.
  • T: Sweet grain is all I noted.
  • F: Moves into savoury, almost sour territory, finishing clean and a little green.
  • C: It’s still early years for the EWC [blog], but they are certainly standing their ground.

Scores 81 points


[Old] Heaven Hill Ob. Symbol of Excellence 86 proof

Old Heaven Hill.jpg

  • N: Fully intact with intensely descriptive sugars. This is like a thoroughly decent Michter’s or Elijah Craig for example, softened only a little and consolidated more thoroughly after a few decades in glass.
  • T: A sweet, fusty, herbal beauty to taste. 
  • F: Medicinal sweet.
  • C: As fresh as a daisy, old style bourbon.

Scores 86 points


Chichibu London Edition [2018] Ob. Ichiro’s Malt [929 bts] 56.5% WB89.60[7]

Chichibu London Edition 2018 Ichiro's malt.jpg

  • N: Very youthful yet not in the slightest juvenile. Established in 2007 [Blog], Chichibu really stands apart from most of the new distillery upstarts in the last 10 years.
  • T: Full bodied and with fair indications that this could enjoy long-term maturation, compared to other newer distilleries from warm climates, who’s spirit is designed to peak early.
  • F: Tasty barley distillate with fruity chocolate overtones.
  • C: A very decent young whisky, sold out within the first 30 minutes of the TWE show opening its doors.

Scores 86 points


Chichibu 2011/2018 7yo Ob. Imperial stout cask #3537 59.5% WB90[1]

This is comprised of 7 years maturation in bourbon with a 4 year IPA finish. “Oaww!”, exclaims Dave Broom. Whilst walking away smiling, he turns his head and casually offers to the sky “Whisky of the Festival!”. I proceed with anticipation and haste as we are nearing the end of the day.

Chichibu 2011 Imperial Stout cask 3537 59.5%.jpg

  • N: Possesses such vibrant & candid toffee & caramel notes, it’s untrue – like someone melted some Werther’s Originals into my glass.
  • T: Caramel, toffee-d pear [apparently one of the distillery character notes], and an illusion of some Mizunara and/or chestnut wood vibes.
  • F: Plenty of interesting nuttiness.
  • C: Cracking stuff, this stout-inspired cask works a treat.

Scores 90 points


Yamazaki 1994/2004 Ob. Vintage Malt 56% WB90.67[3]

Yamazaki 1994:2004 Ob. Vintage Malt 56%.png
WB stock photo
  • N: It takes a while to open up, and when it does, there’s all manner of action reminiscent of Karuizawa-esque oil extracts & barley sugar complexities. 
  • T: If you don’t hold it in the mouth you’ll miss it. It takes about 7-8 seconds to pick up, we all counted. The unravel is immense.
  • F: Long travel. Even the drying dregs at the bottom of the glass astonish us. 
  • C: A show highlight. Just allow for time and some water management if the situation allows.

Scores 91 points





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3 thoughts on “World Whiskies: An International spotlight from TWE Show 2018

  1. The Chichibu Imperial Stout cask wasn’t for sale at the Show, so you didn’t miss out – coming soon to TWE though! I agree it was very good, and much better than the London Edition – I’m definitely after a bottle.


  2. Hey Tony,

    Thanks for the clarification – I shall amend accordingly. I take it, it was the London Edition that sold like hot cakes then, or was it another expression?
    Do let us know when the Stout appears!



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