A handful of grain

To get us back on the whisky track, let’s start with a bunch of old grains, all tried at random [and handily alphabetically], at The Whisky Exchange Show 2018.


Carsebridge 1982/2018 35yo SV CS sherry butt #74604 [btl #228/500] 48.9% WB85[1]

Carsebridge 1982 35yo signatory cask 74603 48.9%.jpg

  • N: The nose speaks of a yeasty grain.
  • T: Tasty shortbread sweetness.
  • F: [no notes] – too busy talking to Roxy about off-licence chain Bargain Booze in Loughborough. It turns out she has a very good nose & palate.
  • C: Back to the grain, it’s a solid & tasty 86 point-er.

Scores 86 points


Girvan 1991/2017 25yo HL Sovereign cask #13285 [342 bts] 58.9% WB0


  • N: Glue-y sawdust is all I wrote.
  • T: Oh yeah, this completely gives in to ones desire. Buttery/oily joy ensues. This one is all about the oiliness, making for one slick Sovereign.
  • F: Soft resinous, vanilla grain finish.
  • C: Tastes even older/more mature & softer than the stated years & abv. Oh, I see I had this before [Blog86]. A point higher today.

Scores 87 points


Girvan 1984 30yo SMWS G7.7 59.4%.png

Girvan 1984/2014 30yo SMWS G7.7 [311 bts] 59.4% WB85.67[3]

  • C: I was warmly offered this in the queue on day 2. This is super-rich with a thick mouthfeel to boot. More of this please.

Scores 88 points


Invergordon 1971/2009 BBR cask #4 47%

Invergordon 1971 Berry bros & rudd cask 4 47%.jpg

I wonder where this bottle has been for 9 years?

  • N: With pleasing gluey vibes, it’s less blatantly sherried than the TWE bottling coming up.
  • T: This is something I could drink without thinking, or writing anything about,…..
  • F: [no notes]
  • C: A beautifully aged [37-38yo] concoction.

Scores 89 points


Invergordon 44yo Elixir TWE Show 2018 The Future [246 bts] 51.6% WB90[2]

As child of the 1970’s and 80’s, this bottle’s fabulous label reminds me of all the plastic rulers I had at school.

Invergordon 44yo Elixer The Future 51.6%.jpg

  • N: That’s the business. reminding me of a slightly older ’64 Invergordon [WB] I enjoyed a few years ago now.
  • T: Yep, same again. I’ll have to revisit this later when the crowds have died down.
  • F: It’s even more moorish towards the tail. Finishes with layers of [dryish] vanilla sour cream that only long, slow ageing provides.
  • C: Unwavering sherried grain whisky. Provisionally scores 89 points.


  • N&T: This is ideal. Worth the 44 year wait to reach this harmonious plateau.
  • F: A touch of ash into the finish, concluding with its grapey-dry vanilla grain core.
  • C: I’m scoring this high, not for its complexity, but for its just-so-ness.

Scores 90 points


What a super session. The Whisky Loving Pianist is back on track! I’ll be returning next week after the Rumfest shenanigans, to share more from TWE Show.





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