Glen Scotia Open Day 2018

Glen Scotia’s Open Day [back in May], was bathed in sunshine as the blessed heatwave continued its barmy celebration. 


Assured and well informed, you could be excused for thinking our tour guide [& shop manager/brand Ambassador] Archie MacBrayne had been at the distillery for decades. Dapperly clad in tailored modern Scottish dress, he’d actually spent his last 20 years in fashion & retail and has only served one year at Glen Scotia.

RANDOM GEEK ALERT [Tour-assisted factoids]

  • Built in 1832, Glen Scotia operates 6 days a week producing peated and un-peated whisky.
  • Built in the late 1800’s, Crosshill Loch is a manmade water supply serving Campbeltown and its three distilleries.
  • Below is Scotia’s 20000 litre cast-iron mash tun. I believe it was red in 2013.

Glen Scotia Mash tun.jpg

  • The old corten steel washbacks were replaced by [9] stainless steel variants approximately four years ago.
  • Whilst the washbacks give off a lovely fruity-sweet cider/beer aroma, the still house gives off whiffs of an agricultural pong.
  • Apparently the spirit trickles out at a particularly tardy 2.5 litres per hour.
  • Operating well below full capacity at around 100,000 of 750000 lpa, Scotia are currently filling a mere 90 barrels a week – a few less even than Clydeside [Blog].
  • Warehouse capacity for 15000 casks on site meets all of Glen Scotia’s storage needs.

Glen Scotia casks.jpg

Sources & further reading:


To the festive offerings.


Glen Scotia 2009/2018 Ob. Shop bottling peated cask #117 58.3% WB85.40[7]

Glen Scotia 2009:2018 Ob. Shop bottling Single peated cask #117 58.3% CASK

Glen Scotia 2009:2018 Ob. Shop bottling Single peated cask #117 58.3% BOTTLE

  • C: My limited notes read: tasty and toasty with dry capers and a drop of ocean. A fairly refined peated number with so much coppery distillate on the finish it’s unreal.

Scores 85 points


Glen Scotia 2000:2018 Ob. Single cask Edition 3 cask 386.jpg

Glen Scotia 2000/2018 17yo Ob. Festival Edition #3 cask #386 [147 bts] 55.7% WB88[8]

  • C: It’s a little hot and decidedly fizzy, even with water. Dilution leads to a fair yet unremarkable & somewhat ungainly 17yo going on 12 – and for £150! The official 18yo goes for half that.

Scores 83 points


Glen Scotia 25yo [2018] Ob. 48.8% WB88.67[26] Blog185

Glen Scotia 25yo.jpg

Added to Glen Scotia’s core range during the 2017 festival, this stock was matured in American oak before being finished in first-fill bourbon for 12 months.

  • N: Clean, light and rich with ‘aah’ moments straight off. Again, my limited notes mention candy fruit drops and a little of that agricultural pong I mentioned I’d smelled in the still house.
  • T: Surges forth unexpectedly with a youthful first fill style/character, that 12 month first-fill bourbon ‘kickstart’ rather apparent. Doesn’t really develop.
  • F: It’s a little dry but we are well within permitted levels. Again, it kind of goes nowhere.
  • C: At £250 rrp there’s no enticement nor excitement for me personally, but it’s very decent whisky nevertheless – the nose especially.

Scores 86 points





Glen Scotia distillery Open Day

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