Glasgow to Inveraray: Strathclyde & Loch Fyne Whiskies

Heading out of Glasgow’s city centre, the Strathclyde grain distillery called for a drive-by.

Strathclyde stills.jpg

  • The Strathclyde distillery was founded by gin producer Seager Evans in 1927.
  • In 1936, Seager Evans acquired the Long John blended Scotch brand.
  • In 1957, new owners Schenley Industries equipped the distillery with a pair of pot stills to produce Kinclaith [SW] single malt whisky. Though never officially bottled, that honour fell to some of the key independent bottlers [WB].
  • In 1975, new owners Whitbread removed the Kinclaith stills in order to expand neutral grain production. 
  • Two column stills now produce 40 mlpa.
  • Currently owned by Chivas Brothers [Pernod Ricard], it is the new home of Ballantine’s since the closure of Dumbarton in 2002.

Strathclyde entrance

Sources & further reading:


Heading out of Glasgow and towards Campbeltown, we pass Loch Fyne Whisky shop, in its 25th year.

Loch Fyne whsy shop.jpg

  • Devoted whisky enthusiast Richard Joynson opened a small shop on the fringes of Inveraray in 1993, before moving to it’s present, more prominent position on Main Street.

    Loch Fyne Hamish.jpg
  • In addition to standard & craft whiskies, LFW also offer a selection of their own exclusive blends & living casks.
  • The original LFW premises are currently being converted into a warehouse to store those living casks.
  • LFW describe themselves as: ,.. more ‘in-house whisky enthusiasts’ than staff. For them it’s less of a job and more of a way of life.
  • Lock-in’s aren’t unheard of.
  • Hamish welcomes visitors at the door of the shop. LFW say ‘He’s becoming a bit of a Loch Fyne celebrity in his own right, and if you’re lucky, he might even pose for a photo with you...’


Now to three tasters tried in the shop


Hazelburn 2004:2018 13yo.jpg

[Springbank] Hazelburn 2004/2018 13yo Ob. Oloroso cask matured [9000 bts] 47.4% WB87.85[48]

  • C: The cask is way too blatant & sweet and I dismiss it almost immediately. Consequently I provisionally scored this at 80 points, but get another opportunity to try it properly a few days later [notes to follow].



Caol Ila 2001:2018 6yo HL cask 14778 56.4%.jpg

Caol Ila 2011/2018 6yo HL for Loch Fyne Whiskies [Feis Ile 2018] First Editions cask #HL14776 56.4%

  • C: Demonstrates a similar gratifyingly grizzly quality to yesterday’s Caol Ila at the Bon Accord [Blog].

Scores 84 points


Kilchoman 2008/2018 10yo Ob. bottled for Loch Fyne Whiskies bourbon cask #84/2008 [239 bts] 53.2% WB91.50[2]

Kilchoman 2008:2018 10yo 53.2%.jpg

  • C: Kenneth Campbell says this is the best Kilchoman he’s ever tried and I don’t disagree. It’s an incredibly composed dram. Despite this and its collectability/rarity/novelty as a 10yo single cask Kilchoman, £125 feels a little steep. Currently still available at Loch Fyne.

Scores 89 points


From Inveraray we head to Campbeltown where we have tickets for Cadenhead’s Club Tasting that same evening. Let’s just hope we don’t get stuck behind an articulated vehicle on a winding single carriageway for 3.5 hours. Doh!




Strathclyde distillery

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