Bottle Polishing: Summer 2018, Cognac

Just two more bottles to polish off before I get cracking with my reflections of Campbeltown & Islay from the summer just gone/holding on.


Delamain XO Pale & Dry [2018] Ob. Grande Champagne Cognac 40% Distiller90 WMag95 CO4/5

I bought a bottle from Amazon along with an inferior handheld massager. Both arrived in the same box. I returned the massager in the original packaging only to be refunded for both items. Take note!

Serge says [WF] ‘Delamain are the epitome of a no-BS, quality-only, highly reputed French house. It’s probably the brand that you’ll see the most in ** or *** Michelin restaurants.’

Cognac Show Delamain XO Pale and dry
First tried at the Cognac Show 2018
  • N: Redcurrant sauce, [glacier] cherries, cherry essence, flaked almonds [a Bakewell tart is well on its way], clove, Hubba Bubba, lemon balm, light marjoram, untreated wooden planks, vanilla,….. fab.
  • T: Sharp>prickly start with notes of fruity acetone/waxy-ish candy, slowly becoming dry & [grape] tannic followed by plenty of wood spice.
  • F: A bitter~sweet tannic & candy-fruit vanilla finish, similar to what I often find in low-end red wines. After quite some activity, there’s a youthful woody-sweet-spicy, cherry bubblegum=boiled sweet conclusion.
  • C: Going on 25yo, this is a youthful oldie. I liked it but I wouldn’t buy another. Scores one point less than on first contact [Blog84].

Scores 83 points


Tiffon Tres Vieille Reserve Fins Bois [2017] Ob. [60-70yo] 40% [20cl]

Well worth looking out for these Tiffon’s. They come in 20 or 70cl bottles and are/were often very reasonably priced.

Chateau de Triac Tiffon Cognac Fins Bois Tres Vieille Reserve.png

  • N: An interesting one that kicks off with spinach, vanilla, moist logs, a hint of mint and Mr Kipling’s cherry syrup flavouring. It’s amazingly vibrant for 40%, easily mistaken for a high 40% bottling.
  • T: Sweet tannic with a manageable sharpness, a few more cherries and more of Kipling’s sauce.
  • F: Similar to a mature sherry malt monster, this turns more pudding-y into woody pancakes and woody=cherry maple syrup underpinned by woody vanilla.
  • C: Aged at 60-70yo, this appears at times to show more youthfulness than the rounder, younger Grande Champagne expression – a mere 50yo! [WF88 ralfy92].

Scores 85 points






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