Relaunch: Glenallachie

For his latest journey, Billy Walker favoured the Glenallachie distillery for its blank canvas history. As relatively new distillery [est. 1967], virtually all of its previous output went into blends. With little previous single malt exposure and plenty of old [1970’s] stock, this was the perfect place for new beginnings, without those initial start up costs & wait.


Glenallachie 12yo.jpg

Glenallachie 12yo [2018] Ob. 46% WB85.46[69] WF81

  • N: This is vibrant and youthful stuff with candy fruit action and a touch of bung cloth.
  • T: It speaks youthfully once again, coming in sweet with a hint of citrus & fusty dunnage.
  • F: Rings true.
  • C: Decent entry level core range malt with an age statement.

Scores 82 points



Glenallachie 18yo [2018] Ob. 46% WB86.08[61] WF79 Ralfy83

Glenallachie 18.jpg
[Billy Walker, LEFT]
  • N: More depth that the 12yo as you could imagine, whilst sharing similar character. More cloth bung here, just the right amount. 
  • T: I’m told that Glenallachie’s spirit is well known for being robust. With a relaxed yet firm delivery, it’s way juicier than the 12yo with its oak-soaked malty raisins. 
  • F: Chew a while,.. It’s sweet for sure with some chilli heat, liquorice and a little chalk powder.
  • C: The Mannochmore-esque spirit is to my liking, but it certainly won’t rock all boats.

Scores 84 points


Glenallachie 10yo CS [2018] Ob. 57.1% WB86.07[78]

Glenallachie 10yo CS.jpg

  • N: Sweet biscuit and dry oils [whatever they are], but adding water gets those oils running. Later it’s firmly on coppery raisins [rather Mannochmore-esque once again].
  • T&F: Sweet to taste [more Inchgower-like now], grainy/floury and a touch of fusty malty cereals.
  • C: It’s nice to see a similar profile/character running through all three of these newly released expressions.

Scores 84 points


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Glenallachie distillery.jpg

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