It’s Tomatin Tuesday #3

It’s about time we had another Tomatin Tuesday. The last was in September 2017 [blog].


Tomatin 14yo [2018] Ob. Port cask finish 46% WB82.85[215] WF84[2015]

Tawny: the oloroso of port? Expect to see a lot more tawny finishes coming along from Tomatin and elsewhere. 

Tomatin 14yo.jpg

  • N: With a full two year tawny finish, it’s perhaps unsurprisingly rather sweet, which probably explains why it’s proved so popular amongst customers.
  • T: Same again, hitting the sweet spot with lots of sultana juice and fruity biscuit crumble. Dalmore-esque at times.
  • F: Peach crumble to finish.
  • C: Whilst a successful marriage for some, others will simply hate this style. Like with Springbank’s Longrow Red, I’m in the middle somewhere. 

Scores 84 points


Tomatin 2008/2018 10yo Ob. cask #3373 [btl #203/250] 59.3% WB93[2]

A first fill ex-bourbon single cask bottling exclusively for the UK.

Tomatin 2008.jpg

  • N: We are in SMWS territory with youthful bourbon-matured CS spirit.
  • T: Same again, familiar SMWS-like fayre.
  • F: Predictable conclusions.
  • C: Straight ahead slugger.

Scores 82 points


The Half-time Orange whistle is blown and a jovial collective cheer fills the Mansfield Traquair.


Tomatin 36yo [2017/18] Ob. 46% [WB]91.54[15] [WF]91

Tomatin brought out batch 1 of their 36yo expression in 2015. Batch 2 & 3 came out in 2016. According to a Tomatin marketing representative: unsure whether they could maintain enough old stock, this latest [2017/18] release is unofficially batch 4. Happy that they can maintain this age statement with suitable 70’s & now 80’s stock, Tomatin will re-continue the batch system with the release of batch 5 in 2019.

Tomatin 36yo.jpg

  • N: Starts with a sweet maltiness that only age brings. Additionally, there’s a floral-mineral quality, entwined with compact notes of sweaty-sweet shower gels. Fabulous!
  • T: Tastes as it smells which is great news. Abound with chalky, squidgy sweet fungal notes set within a soy sauce umami frame and leading to a very chewy waxy maltiness. 
  • F: Part of that chew is the finish that concludes with more sweet fungal malty dunnage action. Aged balance to the last.
  • C: One that will compete closely with BBR’s 1979 Single Blend [WB], for Malt of the Fringe [notes to follow].

Scores 91 points


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Tomatin Tuesday

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