A peak at Ardnamurchan

  • Pronounced ‘Ardnamurkin’, like ‘firkin’, Ardnamurchan is a green-field distillery in the East highlands owned by Adelphi.
  • Their sustainability is reflected in the deployment of a hydro-electric generator for power, a biomass boiler using wood chips from a local forest for hot water and a two-tiered dunnage warehouse built into the hillside.
  • Opened in 2014, whisky isn’t expected to be released until it’s at least seven years matured – some time in 2021.
  • Fermentation times will vary from 70-120 hours, averaging 80 hours.
  • Under Jim Swan’s legacy, they will be making both non-peated and peated malt at 30ppm.
  • First-Fill US and Spanish casks will predominantly mature the spirit, with some 2nd-refill ex-Adelphi casks used for longer maturation.
  • Production is expected not to exceed 500,000 lpa at this time.
  • All bottles will carry a QR code that will provide a link to online information regarding the whisky as well as providing an anti-theft measure.


Ardnamurchan 1yo [2018] Un-Ob Warehouse Release Batch #7 [165 bts] 53.1%


Matured in PX & Oloroso octaves.

  • N: Sweet and with peat, a bite of Battenberg and a Mini Milk.
  • T: Soft, easy, gentle, textural [soapy/briny], and milky once again – not creamy though.
  • F: Is that more peat or perhaps charring? Aah, it’s peat all right.
  • C: Early days and very nice indeed. I like the Jim Swan-inspired recipe very much.

Scores 80 points




Further reading:




Ardnamurchan welcome sign




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