MnC: Bit of a Bottler Battle

In Malt n Copper’s last tasting we sampled ‘six cask strength single malts, from 15 to 22 years old, from two bottlers – Whisky Broker, and Elixir Distillers (previously Speciality Drinks, trade sales for the Whisky Exchange)‘.


Glenburgie 2002/2018 15yo Whiskybroker cask #3001 [btl #20/329] 50.1% WB85.67[5]

Glenburgie 2002 15yo whiskybroker.jpg

  • N: A balanced all-rounder. Note-wise, vanilla wafer initially opening with a malty, husky & leathery pong.
  • T: Malty/husky-light, yet overall austere. With water it’s more consolidated and malty. Needs time for a mild bone-dry mouthfeel to develop.
  • F: A little savoury-sweet, raisin-y/metal-y and with aniseed=liquorice.
  • C: Simple and gluggable dram that reveals more of its age with time.

Scores 84 points


Miltonduff 17yo [2017] Elixir Distillers ‘Art of Whisky Fermenting’ [276 bts] 54.1% WB85.33[3] Blog1

Miltonduff 17yo Elixir 54.1%.jpg

  • N: Despite the high abv, a particularly delicate & soft nose was collectively observed. I noticed the smoke straight off [from charring I reckon], that lifts before moving onto light meats, feinty fruits and malty/earthy blossom tones. Though time separated them a little, it’s very similar in profile to the Glenburgie.
  • T: Again, and with water, it’s so very similar to the Burgie. It begins to stretch out as time allows, now displaying more depth & density than the Burgie. Also some plasticine notes [from the oak?], show keenly.
  • F: Milky/malty [Ovaltine] hot chocolate, concluding with general & candid distillery notes.
  • C: A well matured natural malt, the wood imposing but never too dominant.

Scores 86 points


Balblair 19yo [2017] Elixir Distillers ‘Art of Whisky Mashing’ [171 bts] 55.9% WB85.75[6] Blog188

Balblair 19yo Elixir 55.9%.jpg

  • N: With less fruitiness than the previous two, we’ve a husky-fungal number with vanilla and beer notes – though Ali specifies it more accurately as Porter.
  • T: Malty, toffee, vanilla and soft resins.
  • F: A touch more malty>fruitiness, almond sugar coating, Guinness, cheap chocolate and toffee. Some of us noted the finish concluded towards the front of the palate.
  • C: Another lovely and dependable Balblair. Scores 87 points, one less than last time in 2017.

Scores 87 points


Glentauchers 19yo [2017] Elixir Distillers ‘Art of Whisky bottling’ [152 bts] 53.5% WB89.56[11]

At one time all of Glentauchers spirit was dunnage warehouse matured, though currently producing at 4.1mlpa, this may have changed.

Glentauchers 19yo Elixir 53.5%.jpg

  • N: Much heavier than the previous three, this is a really husky>resinous oily malt with fruity Glacier sweets,… and “crunchy icing”, someone calls out.
  • T: Well aged, nicely balanced and full bodied delivery. Much like the Balblair, with balls – waxy=malty, salty balls!
  • F: Rory leads with ”Cola bottles”. I fail to write any more notes. I must have be enjoying this one.
  • C: Thoroughly decent standard session whisky.

Scores 87 points


Speyside Distillery 1995/2018 22yo Whiskybroker cask #32 [btl #47/294] 55.1% WB86[5]

Speyside distillery 1995 22yo whiskybroker 55.1%.jpg

  • N: With developing candy, boing goes the sulphur. Very Pot Still-esque [notes to follow later in the year]. It settles as a sweaty spirit with hazelnuts, mineral hues and blatant feints. I’m certain the Speyside Distillery take a wide cut, shipping the majority of their produce to Asia for various branded budget blends.
  • T: Waxy fruity candy [seemingly from the cask over the spirit], but given the cut that’s just fine.
  • F: Light on icing sugar and a clean minerality. Spam rightly pointed out the absence of a tannic finish despite the sherry cask dominance.
  • C: Appreciation for whisky isn’t only down to smell & taste, and for a distillery that produces a wide number of different spirits of meagre quality, the result here isn’t terrible. [Further reading: Blog]. This one proved highly unpopular on the night with not even a half vote from a one [student], who managed to consume three measures. I awarded it an enthusiastic 80 but absolutely no more.

Scores 80 points


Tobermory 1995/2018 22yo Whiskybroker cask #1945 [btl #54/283] 54.2% WB86.64[16]

Tobermory 1995 22yo Whiskybroker cask 1945 54.2%.jpg

  • N: Another strong mineral=malt, oily and sweet. Rather Ben Nevis-like at times, so we are firmly West Coast
  • T: Edgy yet soft, mineral/malty>oily>vegetal form.
  • F: Same again with soft prickles.
  • C: Throughly consistent form with neat steps/stages.

Scores 86 points


Thanks to Spam & the Malt & Copper team





Bit of a Bottler Battle

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