Random Tandems #3

Following on from yesterday, as promised [LINK], another random pair of pairs with no association whatsoever.


Eddu Grey Rock Ob. Broceliande 40% WB76.67[5] WF70 WM70[1]

I’ve read Eddu means buckwheat. If that’s true, what’s sarrasin? This is a blend that contains around 30% buckwheat.

Eddu Grey Rock.jpg

  • N: AN unusual one that speaks of floral plastics, mint, pine sap and some sort of apple scented cleaning product – very possibly a particular washing up liquid.
  • T: Very different to most other whisky with a journey on mint, more pine sap, cardboard, weird/unusual icing sugar and fizzy apple Aperol. 40% abv probably guarantees it a softer and fairly non-offensive presentation.
  • F: Buckwheat putty and a little hairspray.
  • C: The Citroen of whisky perhaps, one unique to Breton certainly. I remain a fan since first trying an odd Eddu [Silver] back in 2012.

Scores 79 points


Michter’s Bourbon [2017] Ob. Small Batch L16L1346 45.7% [WF]83


  • N: Bold varnished oakiness that zings with resins, the way bourbon does – merely amplified at craft strength.
  • T: Even with only a few drams left in the bottle, the reveal is full. Water promotes the fruity sugars whilst temporarily holding back the oak resins. It’s plank-like thereafter however.
  • F: Water also encourages an aniseed fruitiness with a cough sweet touch. Neat, it’s a tad austere and peppery with a gentle fade however.
  • C: I hear only positive things about Michter’s small batches. It’s pretty decent I concur.

Scores 84 points



Hakushu 12yo [2017/8] Ob. 43% [Ivy dram] Score: B[+]/88 [March 2017] WB83.59[250] WF84 WM84[7]

Amazingly I’ve had this only once before, many years ago.

Hakushu 12.jpg

  • N: Wth a fatty and buttery body, it’s a fruity [Speyside style] malt with luscious and rolling tropical & orchard fruits.
  • T: Rich lush lemon honey dunnage-y malt that suggests a maturity beyond those 12 stated years. Then comes the smoke whilst the waxy & fatty spirit continues to sing.
  • F: Sustained sweet honeyed smokey barley juice, finishing with clean toasted dry/smokey malty & milky Cocoa Pops.
  • C: Does all the things a whisky should do. The ideal introduction to peaty whisky and a great alternative besides the ashtray Islay’s. Goes straight on the ‘to buy list’

Scores 88 points


Macallan 1990 23yo SMWS 24.126 ‘The artist’s lounge’ [191 bts] 56.1% WB88.67[8]

From a time when Macallan sold well matured, available and affordable single casks to independent bottlers, not too many years ago. According to the distillery last year, they currently sell none.

Macallan 24.126.jpg

  • N: The sulphur lifts to reveal a savoury sherry delight with a tasty oily & nutty cask character. A few descriptors include a dusty touch of carbolic garage oil, metal fillings, an aromatic curry spice & herb-like complex, balsamic glaze, buttery buttercups, magnolia,…. One can try finding that elusive maltoporn brigade number or take it as it is – simply lovely.
  • T: Even after around 5 years open with the bottle 2/3rds down, this still sparkles and remains surprisingly boisterous – even benefitting from some tempering. Besides the soot, oily linseed, white pepper, dry green notes and aniseed, the sherry really speaks.
  • F: With a touch of decay/sick, we’ve a short light finish on oak dust and sugar icing.
  • C: The nose stands out, but the whole thing was a real treat.

Scores 89 points


With thanks to Nick




Random tandems

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