Random Tandems #2

A random pair of pairs with no association whatsoever.


Santis Malt Swiss Highlander Ob. ‘Matured in old oak beer casks’ 40% [50cl] WB76.18[40]

Santis swiss highlander.jpg

  • N: Like a sherried blend with a high malt content, it’s all quite thin yet everything appears to be present and correct. I get on the nose, perfumed beer, Grandma’s soap, some old umami stuff, faint fruity creasote, soft raspberry leaf tea, grapefruit, long-kept wine and boot polish.
  • T: A pokey, fruity and dusty old sherried number with a soft 70’s blend vibe.
  • F: With more of that 70’s vibe, it’s papery with sugar icing and dusty oak oils. Not totally surprisingly, the beer casks work but then they didn’t appear to depart any ale.
  • C: Forget Swiss precision, this is more a sourced old [>tired], yet wacky/interesting Scotch where enjoyment easily outweighs score.

Scores 80 points


Glenburgie 1998/2011 13yo SMWS 71.34 ‘Rabbit, ginger & treacle tart’ [830 bts] 56.8% WB84.38[10]

Glenburgie 71.34

From a refill ex-sherry gorda.

  • N: Gorda-geous! This one clearly isn’t going to pussy-foot around.
  • T: More fun to be had. We are once again tempted to the dark side, SMWS Tullibardine styley [Blog86 Blog87].
  • F: And the fun doesn’t let up.
  • C: An outrageous all-cask number, that like that Tullibardine, gets away with it by the skin of its teeth.

Scores 80 points



Dailuaine 1980 25yo SMWS 41.38 ‘The rambler’s dram’ [284 bts] 54.3% WB0

Dailuaine 1980 41.38.jpg

  • N: Egg whites and plastic-y air-born farmy notes kick off proceedings but these initial aromas will lift, somewhat. Whilst struggling to really enjoy the nose, it improves all the time, no doubt needing a few weeks to open out. Emerges with water as a savoury-sweet cereal number, ideally aged with the elements well integrated – possibly in the bottle too.
  • T: I was unsure about the nose but to taste, ’it’s the business’. Not hugely complexity but faultless to drink given the integration. A little coconut joins the perfectly matured cereal base with touches of this and that. Ideal.
  • F: Continues it’s immaculate path with the right amounts of things. Namely honeyed, sultana porridge with full oak support – a dry oiliness with a sweet dry fungal.
  • C: Dismiss my notes regarding the nose, I couldn’t give it the time it deserves. Otherwise, I simply love this simple & faultless, dry honeyed distillate-faithful style with many soft layers from many maturing years that dont get in the way/dominate. A treat from Phil – thankyou once again!

Scores 89 points


Springbank 21yo [2016] Ob. oloroso single cask [702 bts] 49.6% [btl code 16/265] WB90.38[78] WF93

Of 15 specially selected single casks that went to specific countries around the world, this is the one that stayed in the UK. It was also Whiskyfun’s 13000th whisky.

Springbank 21yo.jpg

  • N: Farmy sweet mineral, luscious honey barley, a squidgy oiliness and a few licks of salty maritime rocks, slate and stones – all packaged within a papery, gossamer softness.
  • T: Arrives without surprise but with much pleasure – smoke and a dry barley savoury sweetness delivered to near perfection, though I found it a little short of voice. Minor quibbles.
  • F: With a concentration on gently smoked dried grassy/malted barley, clean lingerings keep trickling in. I didn’t pick up on the sherry at all.
  • C: (Note to self), let’s not overcomplicate this one. It’s excellent, let’s drink!

Scores 90 points


With thanks to Nick and Phil.

Tomorrow sees more randomness! LINK





Random tandems

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