An advent of armagnac

Three more samples from my 2017 [MoM] Armagnac advent calendar.


Chateau de Laubade VSOP 40%

VSOP=four years+

Chateau de Laubade VSOP 40%

  • N: With some cleaning detergent lurking, this smells fairly young, simple and astringent too – much like a young grain whisky. Given time however and the astringency falls away. Prominent notes that now follow include for example, ice gems, caramelised salad leaves, white rum and sweet lime citrus. Simple certainly, but the sweet-vegetal quality is to my liking.
  • T: Direct yet delicate juice, shallow on the [front] palate and delivering easy/light raisin-y/marshmallows and waxy vanilla notes. With a soft tannic-y side, it ticks over nicely.
  • F: Fusty-fresh at first, falling away to reveal a delicate & light ‘noble rot’, followed by waxy fruit biscuits. Alongside another marshmallow or two, a bone-dry waxy & biscuity/woody/cardboard-y, almost dessert wine profile concludes.
  • C: A young, simple yet immaculately presented drinker through and through, perfectly balanced in conjunction with it’s age. I can’t think this would be anything but affordable, if still available. Recommended.

Scores 82 points


Chateau de Lacaze 1982/2012 30yo MoM Single Cask 40.4%

Serge wrote: ‘This house is located in Eauze. They bottle and distribute various estates’.

Chateau de Lacaze 1982:2012 30yo MoM Single Cask 40.4%

  • N: This reminds me of an unfortunate washing powder/aspirin Caroni rum I’ve been struggling with [review to follow later in the year]. Time however improves this Lacaze no end, now a nutty, velvet-y soft vanilla-ed and gently oaked number with a clear rose water note. Later it becomes more buttery~nearly oily, with fly biscuits, shortbread, dry raisins and dry red wine/cognac-y notes.
  • T: The arrival is a real disappointment, immediately opening with a particular perfume note that proved popular when this spirit was distilled, amongst women of a certain age. The only thing that really survives the perfumed onslaught is more red wine, tarragon, rosemary and cumin seeds. Later on that perfume turns towards a fresher & very mild peppermint/creme de menthe, but that’s an optimistic outlook.
  • F: Continues on it’s peculiar path with grape-y vanilla on the turn. The perfume is more like shampoo/washing conditioner now, coupled with lemon & ginger and Earl Grey tea.
  • C: Whether it happened at the sample/decanting stage or before, something appears to have gone wrong. With ‘benefit of the doubt’ given, this sample goes un-scored.


Baron de Lustrac 1967 40%

Serge wrote: ‘Baron de Lustrac are éleveurs, which means that they’re more or less working like… say Gordon & MacPhail’.

Baron de Lustrac 1967 40%

  • N: Nutty and buttery with a soft & airy, mild heathery herbal freshness.
  • T: Narrow yet deep-aged cherry-ish/grapey arrival with a controlled yet firm tannic development. Adding water revitalises the old marc [pomace], revealing the Armagnac/Cognac/brandy genealogy, set alongside a controlled buttery, dry, oaky vanilla cask influence.
  • F: With this candy-like grapey cherry/Cognac-y profile, it concludes with a really soft freshness, very light yet deep tannins, [bees] waxy>tiger balm and vanilla.
  • C: A very decent old armagnac without any particular standout features. Simply works from start to finish.

Scores 84 points




Master of malt armagnac advent callenders

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