A Scottish regional jaunt


Mortlach 15yo [2011] SMWS 76.82 ‘Gunpowder green & Lava rock’ 56.7% [10cl] WB84[10]

  • N,T&F: Distillate heavy, maturation light.
  • C: Tasty but uneven.

Scores 81 points



5.32Auchentoshan 12yo SMWS 5.32 ‘Suggestive of summer gardens’ 55.5% [10cl] WB88[1]

  • N: Honeyed blossom, a Tokaji-like apricot & peach fruitiness and a healthy sweet coppery pong.
  • T: Same as the nose with a noticeably decent body weight.
  • F: Short on honeyed barley.
  • C: Very pleasing suitable-for-all-occasions whisky. Swings between: delicate, simple, competent and full. An expression that begins to showcase what the distillery can produce if left to do so.

Scores 85 points




Glenmorangie 10yo [2012] SMWS 125.52 ’Expensive Swiss milk chocolate’ 60% [10cl] WB87[1]


  • N: A strong and strange spirit that speaks of bourbonized<honeyed fungal, soft-chalk and [a blinder of a note from the Foz], “watch strap under-sweat” – spot on!
  • T: Doesn’t at all taste how it smells. Turns out it’s delicious, distillery derivative juice.
  • F: Honeyed & nutty with a little dry mushroom. Runs and runs on honeyed barley.
  • C: Consistently good as is the Glenmorangie way, whether it be the distillery’s official range or the occasional independent releases. TBWC’s 21yo Batch #1 we have alongside [WB], is so very similar in profile. Only those extra 11 years have refined it [21yo] down to a narrow yet focused malt of pin point precision – albeit relaxed and uncomplicated.

Scores 86 points




Bunnahabhain 35yo [2017] TBWC Batch 4 [302 bts] 40.2% [50cl] WB95[1] Dramble90 WN89


  • N: A majestic nose; grand ole’ bourbon styley with fungal-y sweet fruits, delicate flowers and fruit blossom.
  • T: I have to keep reminding myself to forget the £235 50cl price-tag. It’s uncomplicatedly drinkable and well enough tempered with a dry-fruity, soft-thin/sharp, old/hollow-ish oaky fungal detail.
  • F: A good long, neat, clean, sweet coppery distillate finish with dark almost burnt wood /deep ash. Short on raisins at the death.
  • C: Respect for TBWC for acquiring these super aged Bunna’s. I find batch #4 a decent yet somewhat tired whisky, but like so many oldies, the nose somehow transcends the shortcomings that are most often reflected on the palate. The finish here remains unaffected. Good juice, yet I remain a firm fan of batch 3 WB.

Scores 87 points





A regional jaunt

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