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It was a beautiful morning on Monday and the walk from London Bridge to Old Billingsgate takes in some iconic landmarks, old & rare.

Trade day [part 2/2] sees a flight of old age-statement Scotch, blends & malts. First up however is a young Japanese malt matured in an Indian pale ale cask.


Chichibu IPA.jpg

Chichibu IPA [2017] Ob. Ichiro’s Malt [6700 bts] 57.5% WB88.80[7]

  • N: When you know it’s IPA, it’s undoubtedly beer-ish.
  • T: Firm funky almost Rampur-esque juice but thankfully a touch softer.
  • F: Again, once you know it’s IPA,…
  • C: Weird brew. Quite a struggle after the odd & dominant palate.

Scores 80 points


Robertsons BEB 1930's.jpg

Robertson’s BEB 15yo Blended Scotch ’Hamilton & Co. Import New York’ 90 proof [75cl] WB0

  • C: Intact with a lovely murkiness.

Scores 86 points



Hielanman Cadenhead blend.jpg

Hielanman Old Liqueur [1940’s] Cadenhead 70 proof

  • N: [No notes].
  • T: Nothing initially. Then comes the sugar surge, a 1940’s kind of sugar surge!?
  • F: Long long. Amazing ashy mineral and heathery dry.
  • C: It’s currently possible to pick up Hielanman miniatures cheaply at auction [2017].

Scores 88 points


Tomintoul 21.jpg

Tomintoul 21yo [2017] Ob. 40% WB83.67[3]

  • N: Rounded fruity/malty number, perfectly full at 40%.
  • T: This 21yo’s age and pedigree is shown through the malty sour fruits.
  • F: Creamy lactose and chalk leading to a long milky vanilla finish.
  • C: Identifiably Tomintoul with an improved recipe that doesn’t greatly suffer from its minimal bottling strength.

Scores 87 points


An Cnoc 24yo [2017] Ob. 46% WB87.16[40] WF89

Ancnoc 24.jpg

20 years in US sherry oak with a 4 year oloroso finish/re-rack.

  • N: The sherry finish comes with a funk.
  • T: The oloroso dominates.
  • F: ,… but the spirit does its best to come through.
  • C: Good but unmoving. I’ll stick with the brilliant 22yo at a super price of £90 [Oct ‘17]. I do hope they won’t slowly phase out the 22yo and then this 24yo, only to replace it with a premium priced 25yo [a la Pulteney, up next]. Oh, already gone is the 22yo.

Scores 86 points


[Old] Pulteney do have NAS expressions but they remain committed to age statements. The range however is seeing a switch-around. Gone is the 21yo, replaced by the 25yo [at double the price mind you]. In 2018, OP will introduce a 15yo and an 18yo. The 12 yo will remain unaffected.

Old Pulteney 25yo [2017] Ob. 46% WB87.80[7]

22 years in bourbon before 3 years in oloroso first fill. Due for release,… doh, i missed the scoop!

Pulteney 25.png

  • C: I always found the 17yo just right and the 21yo a tad over-cooked. So now we have that 21yo ‘finished’ for a further four years, inevitably ‘premiumised’ and subsequently double the price. I find it not at all shabby and thankfully the finish isn’t too obtrusive. It would seem the new 15 and 18yo coming out in the new year will help establish a three tier range for Pulteney, providing the wealthy/affluent with the over-priced 25yo and [occasional] supermarket shoppers with the decent 12yo, leaving malt heads to enjoy the cream of the crop in the middle. Let’s hope eh?

Scores 87 points


Glen Scotia 25.png

Glen Scotia 25yo [2017] Ob. 48.8% WB89[4]

24 years in refill with a one year first-fill finish.

  • N: It’s impossible for me to get the 15yo out of my mind, one that has quickly become a GS benchmark.
  • T: Straight ahead at times, countered with a curious funkiness
  • F: Lime lemonade.
  • C: Decent & interesting though i refer the sooty and briney 15yo.

Scores 85 points


Tamnavulin 40.jpg

Tamnavulin 40yo [2017] Elixir/Speciality [323 bts] 40.6% WB0

  • N: [no notes]
  • T: [no notes]
  • F: Huge dryish vanilla finish.
  • C: A brilliant one, amazingly youthful for its age. I didn’t right down a score but i think it would have been high.

[Not scored]


Glengoyne 40 SMoS.jpg

Glengoyne 40yo SMS 56.8% WB92.33[5]

  • C: This has everything from liqueur to soot.

Scores 91 points


[Caol Ila] Port Askaig 45yo SMS 40.8% WB90[17]

Port Askaig 45.jpg

Consists of juice from five 1968 vintage [ex-Bunna so i was told] sherry butts. So Bunnahabhain meets its neighbour Caol Ila then?

  • N: All of the mango products.
  • T: Fruity & liquid sooty ash.
  • F: After all the fruity action follows 45 years of cask softness.
  • C: Speciality roll out another masterpiece.

Scores 90 points



That’s me done until next year unless i feel inspired enough to publish the Paterson session. We shall see.


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