TWE SHOW 2017: Trade day, PART 1

Trade day [am] saw a flight of nine single malt vintages. But first up is a Cognac from the ‘Blogger’s breakfast’. Huge compliments to Billy for the idea and invite.

Bloggers breakfast

Frapin 22yo 1993/2017 TWE Single cask 43.2% WF87

Frapin Cognac.jpg

  • N: Smell that ‘boiled up Bois’ accompanied by Marsala wine, cough sweets and essential fruit oils.
  • T: Floury cough sweets. A whisky-like mouthfeel with cherry liqueur and euthymol toothpaste. Dry and deliciously light yet never lacking presence.
  • F: Toothpaste fresh with a quiet yet firm sour milky=fungal. Great length and complex finish on malty fruits, Nice biscuits and wax capacitors. A decent finishing mouthfeel with a slightly numbing power that belies its modest 43.2% strength. Fruity slightly malty bitters conclude.
  • C: Massive malternative and one of the finer Cognac’s I’ve had. Around £120 [rrp].

Scores 88 points


Glenrothes 1997/2017 20yo TWA/TWE [360 bts] 51.3% WB90.33[14]

Glenrothes TWE.jpg

  • N: Ideal sherry influence that displays complexity with subtlety.
  • T: Waxy butterscotch and sweet biscuits lead the charge, followed up by further delights. Much head nodding.
  • F: Minstrels and distinctly, [a few] Cadbury’s buttons.
  • C: Scrumptious.

Scores 89 points


Ben Nevis 20.jpg

Ben Nevis 1996/2017 20yo SMoS cask #1528 [466 bts] 53.1% WB88.60[7]

  • N: Dreamy creamy sherry and sweet coconut hessian. Pancake wraps with water. Works superbly at strength.
  • T: A sherry cask that allows the spirit to talk.
  • F: [no notes]
  • C: A treat for the Nevis faithful.

Scores 88 points


Bowmore 1994

Bowmore 1994/2017 22yo SMoS cask #100587 [224 bts] 52.8% WB91.50[2]

  • N: Smokey buttery lettuce.
  • T: Super full bodied, the widest of the weekend.
  • F: Salty/prickly initially but water & time will knock that off.
  • C: Delicious.

Scores 88 points


Glenrothes 1990/2017 26yo SMoS cask #35481 [151 bts] 44.5% WB0

Glenrothes 26yo SMoS.jpg

  • N: No sherry monster here.
  • T: This bourbon Rothes has plenty of those raisins I often associate with its sherry casks, so that distillery character must also be from the distillate rather than sole reliance on casks – right?
  • F: Perfectly pianissimo.
  • C: Worth trying bourbon-cask Dalmore too, for an understanding of what’s spirit and what’s cask.

Scores 88 points


Littlemill 27yo.jpg

Littlemill 1990/2017 27yo Ob. Private Cellar Edition [btl #264/500] 51.3% WB0

  • N: Refill distillate-led style with notes on light honeyed fruity putty. Irish-esque, slightly peppery.
  • T/F: Consistent and slow growing complex ending. Creamy citrus & heathery dry.
  • C: Super.

Scores 90 points


16b Irish 1989 27yo

(Bushmills) Irish 1989/2017 27yo TWA & TWE 46.8% Blog

  • N: Billy [rightly] describes this as fruit juice, archetypal-y Irish in style – i.e. fruity. And for me that includes putty too. Also a little added leather.
  • T: Fruity putty. Soft ginger with water.
  • F: Smooth sour cream,…
  • C: Even more delicious than yesterday [blog].

Scores 89 points


Bunna Canasta.jpg

Bunnahabhain 1980/2017 36yo Ob. Canasta cask finish [1200 bts] 49.5% WB89.50[2]

A rare old official vintage.

  • N: Sherry, soot, and pickled onions for starters.
  • T: Big sherry arrival. Quickly becomes all-sherry and with more soot.
  • F: Winey.
  • C: Unless you like old sherry I’d pass. For the price you’d be better off with a Glenalba, or for calibre that 1997 Glenrothes.

Scores 85 points


Longmorn 1967 GM.jpg

Longmorn 1967/2015 GM Distillery label 43% WB85.33[3] WF89

  • C: Deliciously mature winey, smokey & sherried whisky.

Scores 89 points


Glen Grant 1949.jpg

Glen Grant 1949/2014 GM casks #2200 & 3185 40% WB91[2] OMoH11/10

  • C: Love it, proper old. The headline is ‘Heart of Glass’ – that is to say it’s fragile & liable to cracking but presently holding form brilliantly.

Scores 90 points




whiskyshow LOGO 3a

Part two of the final day sees old age-statement Scotch. [Coming soon]


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