TWE Show 2017: Day 2, Part 2

A serendipitous second session on day 2 saw only one Scotch single malt hidden among a plethora of Irish, bourbon, grain and rye.

After lunch came grain, four grains in ‘proper’ order.


17 Port Dundas

Port Dundas 1994/2017 12yo DL Old Particular cask #11665 [557 bts] 48.4% WB83[1]

  • C: Phil encourages me to try this in preparation for the Cameronbridge. This is good enough.

Scores 83 points


18 Cameronbridge 25.jpg

Cameronbridge 1991/2017 25yo DL Old Particular cask #11644 [534 bts] 52.4% WB0

  • N: Creamy sweet linseeds on the nose. No other notes [I was obviously too busy nattering].
  • C: Despite my distraction, this is a delicious grain.

Scores 87 points


14 carsebridge 1982 SV.jpg

Carsebridge 1982/2017 34yo SV cask #74603 [btl #145/169] 49.9% WB86[1]

  • N: Rum-like (from the stills) and sulphur-y (from the cask).
  • T: Chewy tyres.
  • F: More raisin-y doughy chew.
  • C: Finishes Strongly.

Scores 85 points


21 TBWC Invergordon 42.jpg

Invergordon 42yo [2017] TBWC Batch 15 [btl #443/665] 48% WB0

  • C: A very nice green oak-vanilla style grain.

Scores 86 points



19 Glentauchers 10.jpg

Glentauchers 2007/2017 10yo DL Provenance cask #11763 [441 bts] 46% WB0

  • N: Mineral & herbal.
  • T: [No notes]
  • F: Super balance between cask and spirit.
  • C: Simply works. Don’t overlook Glentauchers.

Scores 87 points


Midleton 31yo [2017] Ob. Method & Madness single grain cask #21614 [btl #26/84] 52.5% WB0

Everyone, and i mean everyone at the Midleton stand looked very shifty when i enquired about this one. By appointment only it seemed, and given the scarcity of this juice it’s understandable. After some internal consultation and personnel disappearances, back came a bottle too rare even for pictures. A quick pour and back it went, away from the gaze of the Redbreast guzzlers. Retailing at €1500, this is a single casks bottling with outturn of only 84 bottles.

  • N: A soft potency. Floral fruity with a touch of floral chalky talc.
  • T: Arrives not as a grain at first but then as a grain later on – a cracking one at that.
  • F: Acts now like an old old grain [40+] and a super well behaved one. Plenty of tannins but there are no cask imbalance issues whatsoever.
  • C: Pretty special.

Scores 90 points


20 Midleton 1994.jpg

[Midleton] 31.08.1994/03.02.2000 15yo Ob. cask #11923 57.7%

Liam takes me to one side and offers me another rarity/oddity. A single pot still Irish whiskey from a 1st fill Madeira cask.

  • C: Blatantly non-Scottish on all grounds. This is one of those freak of nature/one-off whiskies that simply work. A big thankyou to Liam and co.

Scores 88 points



As is customary for me at the show, i always hop across the pond to try the Buffalo Trace [BT]  ‘Antique Collection’ annual releases. This year they were also pouring the entire Pappy range, gratis. INCREDIBLE!! It’s like they wanted to get rid of it. It inevitably drew the crowds and yet much of BT’s non-Pappy fayre was just as good. Seeing as they was diminishing like hot cakes however, i got to work on the Pappy’s first.


Pappy Van Winkle 15yo [2016] Ob. Family Reserve 53.5% [75cl] WB86.33[14] WF86[2013]

8 pappy 15.jpg

This is actually last years [2016] release [blog].

  • N: Complex vanilla.
  • T: Less fungal than the 20yo, but still with plenty of mushroom-fustiness in it’s own right and with a herbal liqueur edge.
  • F: Aniseed to beautifully dry vanilla.
  • C: Super bygone days bourbon.

Scores 88 points


Pappy Van Winkle 20yo Family Reserve [2017] 45.2% [75cl] WB89.38[92] WF89[2012]

7 Pappy 20.jpg

Highly likely to be new generation Buffalo Trace stock, so i was told.

  • N: Stylistically the same mushroom-steeped fusty oak as i remember from before [blog].
  • T: Woody vanilla. Much lighter than last years batch.
  • F: Dreamy & dry vanilla wafer liqueurs.
  • C: Beautifully simplistic. Appears to have lost body however.

Scores 87 points


Pappy Van Winkle 23yo [2016] Ob. Family Reserve [btl #H2201] 47.8% [75cl] WB89.67[11] Blog

9 pappy 23.jpg

  • N: Softer with deeper complexity than both the 15 & 20yo.
  • T: Sweet medicinal root beer.
  • F: Incredibly youthful. The corn covers over those wood tannins with its inherent sweetness. Long almost burnt smokey finish with a massive creamy lactose conclusion.
  • C: Still my favourite of the three, but then i’m a sucker for the old fungal woody ones. Same goes for those old grains and tropics-aged mature rums.

Scores 90 points


11 William Larue Weller.jpg

William Larue Weller 2005/2017 Ob. 64.1% [75cl] WB0

  • C: Aside from a sooty quality on the nose, nothing particularly stands out, but i find it very good and rounded, vintage CS bourbon.

Scores 87 points


12 Eagle rare.jpg

Eagle Rare 2000/2017 17yo Ob. 45%/90 proof [75cl] WB0

  • N: Spirit-y ready-made cocktail style with an allium [onion] woodiness.
  • T: Tasty with a medicinal-sweet & fungal, umami-like character.
  • F: Nice chew.
  • C: Delicious, brilliant.

Scores 89 points


6 Thomas H handy.jpg

Thomas H Handy 2011/2017 6yo Ob. 63.6% [75cl] WB0

C: Even more disappointing than i found it last year, though that certainly wasn’t the overall consensus. Appears to have lost all its complexity compared to those amazing vintages released only a handful of years ago.

Scores 82 points


10 George T.jpg

George T Stagg 2002/2017 15yo Ob. 64.6% [75cl] WB84.50[2]

  • N: Initially locked in by its massive abv, but giving it time to open out fully reveals a ‘plethora of complexity’ [yet another potential heavy metal album for the taking].
  • T: Awesome arrival. Impressive how the complexity of this brand [unlike the Handy] has been maintained.
  • F: Sweet pancake>medicinal.
  • C: Still remains the unbeaten ‘bourbon monster’ champ, if that’s your style.

Scores 90 points


Some seriously high-calibre juice there. Trade day follows next.

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