Midlands Whisky Festival 2017: 2/3

Midlands Whisky Festival 2017, round two.


Aultmore 2006/2017 10yo BBR cask #308088 46% WB0


  • N: Creamy lime icing distillate.
  • T: Decent refill action though without a great deal of complexity.
  • F: Milky>mineral chocolate.
  • C: Yay for refills.

Scores 85 points


Glenrothes 2001 [2017] Ob. 43% WB83.67[5]

Not the 1995 vintage as pictured – that was surprisingly a dream dram.


  • N: Think sherry-sweet cream with sulphury hues and you’re ready to go.
  • T: Yeah, classic Rothes. Overwhelming neat but add water and it purrs. More sherry thickness before the sulphury tyres dig in. Develops a warming mouthfeel. Water brings Caramac chocolate and woody raisins.
  • F: Huge rubber sulphur and dry woody fruits, the sherry dominant.
  • C: Perfect example of the rubbery=sulphury-sherried house style that Glenrothes execute so well. You just have to like sulphury sherry, which i do in moderation.

Scores 84 points


Glenrothes 12yo DL cask #14095 [492 bts] 50% WB83.67[5]

Glenrothes 12.jpg

  • N: Super creamy-sour cream, stale Farley’s rusks, shitty buffet beef – sweet n sour plus suet dumplings.
  • T: Creamy sulphury curd and sour n sweet sour cream.
  • F: Continues it’s excellence.
  • C: Superb one trick pony.

Scores 86 points


Bunnahabhain 2005/2017 DL Provenance Single cask [275 bts] 46%


  • N: Decent bourbon and sherry mix, or is this a single cask? Hmm it is,.. puzzling me. Sweet-savoury barley now indicative of a bourbon cask shows.
  • T: More sour,…mash with a decent cask balance.
  • F: Continues well, fades, done.
  • C: Uneventful yet decent all-rounder.

Scores 85 points


Bowmore 2001/2017 15yo DL cask #11804 [321 bts] 48.4% WB0

Bowmore 15.jpg

  • N: Smoky bacon potato crisps is all i wrote but there’s plenty more aside.
  • T: Salty/mineral, potato-sweet with oyster sauce,..
  • F: More of the same. The crisps are back with some grainy bitter tar trailing off.
  • C: Standout decency like so many current SMWS Bowmore’s.

Scores 87 points


Platte Valley 100% Straight Corn Whiskey 40%/80 proof WB67.61[20]

Platte Valley.jpg

From Indie brands [McCormick].

  • N: Light chalky-sweet, much like some of those young Koval grains.
  • T: Light, waxy mentholated spirits & fake candle wax.
  • F: Not really.
  • C: Not the best example but there aren’t a great deal of 100% corn whiskeys around. My money would be on the Hudson Baby Bourbon. On the plus side, it’s very light and accessible.

Scores a near miss


Muckle Flugga NAS ‘Over wintered in Shetland’ cask #900001/900002/900011 [btl #0949] 40% WF79

Undisclosed malt[s], further-matured in Shetland for a year+. According to Feusi [WB]: ‘The whisky, made by drinks company Blackwood, is a blend of three eight-year-old malts from across the north of Scotland. It is matured on the isle of Unst for 18 months, making it the first ever whisky to be produced on Shetland’.

Muckle Flugga

  • N: Creamy sherry sweet with the emphasis on the cream.
  • T: Rounded thickish malty, mainly bourbon-y sweet.
  • F: Shortish, tannic>chalky.
  • C: Ok.

Scores 80 points


Dailuaine 2009/2017 7yo Hepburn’s Choice Single cask [138 bts] 46%


Filled from a rum barrel.

  • N: Dusty, winey, creamy-sweet, smooth milky/fusty/dusty honey=hessian porridge.
  • T: Sweet tannic/metallic with sweet weetabix.
  • F: Metal grainy raisins.
  • C: Perfect spirit-driven whisky demonstration from a proud seven year old, young but never immature

Scores 84 points


Let’s finish this round with an older Dailuaine.

Dailuaine 1992/2016 24yo Carn Mor ‘Celebration of the cask’ #3135 [203 bts] 53.7% WB90[1]

Carn Mor is a brand owned by Morrison & Mackay whisky.com

Dailuaine 1992.png

  • N: Chalk and tropical dried fruits, dried mint, green herbal teas, comfrey and woody cream curd. More waxy, almost synthetic dry [Diageo] fruitiness with water – a more natural Diageo style if that is such a thing.
  • T: Dunnage-y bourbon fruits with a lovely honeyed body. Not a great deal of movement. Pokey even diluted and drying but it just needs some time.
  • F: Flows nicely from the palate with chalky-sweet barley and dry rose-blossom-honey with a dry lime-vanilla finish and some wood bitters.
  • C: I’m buying this if funds allow.

Scores 88 points




Let’s call that tea

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