Drive-by: Glenallachie, Benrinnes & Loch Lomond

Its the end of day 4 of my whisky tour 2017 already! Auchentoshan, Glengoyne & Deanston followed Annandale LINK. Whilst i collate my notes on those last three visits [dont hold your breath], and head towards Aberlour & Macallan tomorrow, here’s a few distilleries that i passed by – only because they require invites.

Away from the glitz & glamour, wild claims of provenance, tour guides, gift shops and coach parks, lives the other side of the whisky industry – the reality of big business where volume, yield and consistency rules. Yet I find these factory distilleries just as fascinating as the ‘open every day’ ones – many of whom follow the same model as the giants whilst trying to maintain the illusion of artisan craft. These unheralded distilleries arent open to the general public which is a shame as id easily forgo the ‘brand pushing’ Auchentoshan [other examples are available], for a look round Glenallachie or its neighbour Benrinnes less than a mile away.


Glenallachie is a relatively new distillery built in 1967 and currently owned by Pernod Ricard. To their credit theyve made Glenallachie look most welcoming – mostly for the delight of the locals i bet, whilst maintaining their image of prestige to a wider audience.


Established in 1826 on another site to where it now stands, Benrinnes [Diageo] like Glenallachie is a volume/yield/consistency machine without a knitted scarf or key ring in sight –  though there is provenance here.

Whilst not the prettiest distillery with regards to facia, its surroundings are stunning. Simply turn your back on the distillery and admire the stunning Speyside Valley.


With both Benrinnes and Glenallachie i drive-by in awe at their formidable warehouses and wish at the very least to take a peak and a sniff. Volume is impressive!



Benrinnes malt goes into the undisclosed single malt brand Stronachie which can often be found [premiumized] in the Duty Free market.

Oh i forgot, i also drove past Loch Lomond on Day 1. Thats a fascinating distillery whos new output ive reviewed recently BLOG. Heres a few pics of that drive by too.